Insomniac’s Experience With Sunset Overdrive On Xbox Makes Them The Perfect Choice For SpiderMan PS4

Insomniac Games achievements in the open world genre with Sunset Overdrive will help them a long way in developing the most authetic Spider-man game of all time.

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darthv72306d ago

Sunset is such a fun game and while I'd love to see them make a sequel after they are done with Spiderman, i understand that may not happen due to how the original sold. But.... there is always hope they make a sequel anyway for fan service.

ModiJi306d ago

They should approach Sony for making SO2 after they are done with the SpidermanPS4 masterpiece. I am sure game will sell very well on PS4. PS4 gamers enjoy all sorts of games and R&C remake is one of the favourite games this gen.

DaDrunkenJester306d ago

Well one of the reasons SO dind't sell was because the horrific launch Xbox had with all the DRM and stuff.

306d ago
briannah95306d ago


That's fine when Spider-Man sells 10x as many units as SO did they will be too busy working on Spider-Man 2 to waste time with any Microsoft games.

ModiJi306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

MS doesn't hold the IP, which is very good news and Insomniac is free to talk to sony about the sequel.

"Well one of the reasons SO dind't sell was because the horrific launch Xbox had with all the DRM and stuff."

Well, one of the bigger reasons the game didn't sell well on xbox was... it was not named halo, gears or forza.

Eonjay306d ago

Or they could work on one for all systems. Why not?

ModiJi306d ago


Not a bad idea at all, let's see if we can get SO2 for PS4, switch and PC.

OB1Biker306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I'm with Brian. I'd rather they don't waste time with SOD while they can do so much better with Spider man or else

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Erik7357306d ago

I think Sucker punch , the people who made infamous , would of been a better choice.

Legatus306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Sucker Punch also would be an excellent choice for the Spider-man, but SP is making another PS4 exclusive, which means more exclusive games for the PS4. It's a clear win-win situation.

nix306d ago

When the rumours about the Spider-Man game came out I thought suckerpunch was going to design it.

KillZallthebeast306d ago

Suckerpunch wouldn't of been as good in my opinion as their games have a more serious tone. Spiderman on the other hand does really well with humor and sarcasim thrown in something insomniac has been doing for years fairly well.

Sunny_D306d ago


You do know Sucker Punch made the Sly cooper series right? And Insomniac made Resistance. Both studios have experience in making the tone of game serious or fun.

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BlackTar187306d ago

Sunset was a fun game. Hopefully they make a sequel.

ModiJi306d ago

Game was decent with lame humour, I am sure spidermanPS4 will be 10x better than SO. Glad to see insomniac always improving and hope they can make SO2 much better than first game when they develop it for PS4.

No Way306d ago

Modi - it seems obvious you hate the Xbox from your previous comment. Sunset was great fun. Get outta here. You said you wanna see a sequel on PC, PS4 and Switch.. not Xbox One. How surprising. Why would you want a sequel for a game you think sucks?

Bye, Felicia.

Kribwalker306d ago


10x better eh, so you are expecting a 810 outa 100 on Spider-Man?

ModiJi306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

"You said you wanna see a sequel on PC, PS4 and Switch.. not Xbox One."

Indeed, I said that. Much more deserving platforms where the game won't flop. I hate seeing games flop.

"Why would you want a sequel for a game you think sucks"

So that the game can improve? Shocking I know.

"10x better eh, so you are expecting a 810 outa 100 on Spider-Man?"

No, I am expecting Spiderman to blow SO in gameplay, graphics, critical acclaim, reception by fans, sales etc.

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AspiringProGenji306d ago

Sunset Overdrive proved that Insomniacs has a very good grasp on open world design. It was really fun and had tons of freedom. I hope that experience translate well to Spiderman.

subtenko306d ago

if they released it on ps4 it would have had more sales.

Software_Lover306d ago

no $h!t Sherlock.

If they released it on Mobile it would have had more sales as well as it would've been on more than one platform.

306d ago
No Way306d ago

Subtenko - that's false. It's widely known that many exclusives don't sell well on the PlayStation platform. Some games do extraordinary.. others not so well.

Kiwi66306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Lol who knew that putting any game on multiple consoles would mean more sales

AmUnRa306d ago

I do not understand that you have 13 downvotes.
Telling the true, is difficult to handle by Xboxfanboys.😉

subtenko305d ago

@AmUnRa Ikr, I posted this just to see how many woudl downvote logic, even with 3 comments below be saying "duh"

and to them, I will also say....DUUHHHHHH XD there's a dash of salt in this thread for some weird reason, I wonder whyyyyy XD

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DaDrunkenJester306d ago

Loved Sunset Overdrive. A Criminally underrated game, and one of my favorites of this gen. I can see how they could use some of the traversal elements to help with Spider-Man.

EatCrow306d ago

They already are.
Check the gameplay video and look at how spidey wall runs from one side of the building to the other.

Definitely looks like they took inspiration from Sunset in terms of traversal.

DaDrunkenJester306d ago

Oh I know, just commenting about the article and how I can totally see how they are using the elements... I guess my wording of "could" made it sound like they aren't already haha

306d ago
Septic306d ago

Absolutely. That sunset overdrive DNA working it's way into Spiderman in a great way

OB1Biker305d ago

I never played it but Ive seen only good things and good reviews about it.
Certainly not a 'criminally underrated' game at all.

Relientk77306d ago

I'm expecting an amazing open world Spider-Man game

PressXtoBacon306d ago

I'm not sure that I agree....

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