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RAM0N 426d ago

welp looks like i dont have to renew my subscription

lxeasy426d ago

I love Bayonetta!!! One of Platinum Games best

mark_parch425d ago

I haven't played bayonetta, really looking forward to that. trials fusion is amazing but I already have it. solid month imo

annoyedgamer426d ago

I like the 360 games. This really goes to show how much better games were last gen.

GamesMaster1982426d ago

The 360 games are 10 times better than the X1 games here.

Aenea426d ago

Trials Fusion is a great game tho! Try it out!

Relientk77426d ago

Red Faction and Bayonetta are cool. Don't care for the XB1 games

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The story is too old to be commented.