Sony Has Insomniac's Spider-Man, so We're Making a Case for a Hulk Exclusive on Xbox One X

AusGamers has posited an idea where, because Sony managed to secure themselves a standalone PS4 exclusive in Insomniac's Spider-Man, Microsoft should aggressively try and secure themselves a Hulk exclusive for Xbox One X.

Here's a snippet:

"We’ve seen with the Batman: Arkham series just how good comic-to-game development can be, and now Insomniac is having a crack, with Sony right behind them with Spider-Man. The new Thor flick, Ragnarok, is the current MCU buzz and its inclusion of Planet Hulk-esque Hulk is an important reminder of what that series means to the fans, but also how cool it is. But even if it’s not Planet Hulk, or even any of the arc opportunities mentioned throughout this piece, a good, modern and technology-heavy Hulk game needs to happen, and with green on their side, and all that Xbox One X power, Microsoft’s new platform seems like the perfect fit.

Make it happen, Phil.

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corroios27d ago

Thats not the problem. What 3rd party studio can leave 60 millions plus gamers out? They could try a timed exclusive, but more then that right now its just a dream.

JonnS26d ago

The same one that is leaving 30 million out in the Cold . Cause 59.99 + tax × 30 million is still a nice chunk of change .

dirkdady26d ago

Well I think you see a lot of cases like CliffyBs lawbreakers that just defaults to PS4 exclusive because they don't have the resources to do multiplat development the so of course you go with the largest user base. Bet Sony didn't have to pay a cent for that to happen.

lodossrage26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"The same one that is leaving 30 million out in the Cold . Cause 59.99 + tax × 30 million is still a nice chunk of change . "

Ok, this is just wrong. I get what you're both trying to say, but it's still wrong.

First, there is a BIG difference between leaving 60 million plus gamers over 30 million plus gamers. That's not even debatable.

Second, of course Insomniac is going to "leave 30 million out in the cold) since Sony is the one they're working for. It's not like Sony is going to tell Insomniac "go ahead and give the product we paid you for/ publish and give it to our competitor.

Third, and most important. when you say "Cause 59.99 + tax X30 million is still a nice chunk of change", you're assuming that literally EVERY XB1 owner is going to buy the game. The same argument can be made for the PS4. But the fact is if you're a developer and you have only 1 option at the time to make cash, where would you go?, the place that has 60 million customers waiting or 30 million customers waiting? doesn't take rocket science to see where the better chance of profit is.

nix26d ago


Wow. Just wow.

In a real scenario, only about 10-25% of any console owners buy the game. The numbers could be less for many titles. So if a popular game (Gow/Halo) comes out, not everyone is going to run and buy it. As a developer though, I would like to publish in a market where there are more people in the market.

Bleucrunch26d ago

Well, you know what bro, that is some pretty sound logic, I can't argue with that. My only question then would be how much of that revenue goes back to the developer?

yeahright226d ago

But Spiderman doesn't use guns, so it won't even be anywhere near 3 million on xbox. :P

subtenko26d ago

you'd still make double.......if I had to pick 1, Id dev just for ps4..... If ya really wanna do timed exlclusive, it should be ps4 first because ps4 owners are gonna be like "its gonna come to ps4 eventually" and when it does, 10+ new ps4 games will have came out and half the people interested will be gone

This is reality and the power of PlayStation

jugo1425d ago're pretty stupid huh?

its_JEFF25d ago

@JonnS I see your point. At the end of the day you're leaving potential sales. But I believe that Sony only has the Spirderman exclusive because of rights or something like that being changed hands and part of the deal, or something they worked into it, was a new spiderman game... at least that's the rumors.

C-H-E-F25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


You do know that it will cost about 20-40 million to make an xbox game (multiplatform), where will Insomniac get that money after blowing their capitol on Sunset Overdrive going exclusive with Microsoft to not get much money back in return??? I think you should look into how game development really works.

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StuffAndThings26d ago

What comes around goes around

Dinkis26d ago

So how is it that they have already made a game exclusively for xbox when it was 20/40 in PS favour but you don't think they will now?

Goldby26d ago

Sony wanted to buy the IP off of insomniac, MS let them keep it. That's all

PistolsAtDawn26d ago

This SEEMS like solid logic on the face of it, but it doesn't actually work out this way. Games attach ratios are typically higher on Xbox than they are on PS4. PS4 attracted more casuals than Xbox that don't buy as many games. PS4 console base is around 60mil and Xbox is about 30mil last I heard, but I can't think of any game that sold twice as much on PS4 than it did on XB1...the sales typically aren't that far apart. So yeah, 60mil vs 30mil seems like a huge gap, but if the actual game sales are 7mil vs 5mil....that's not as big of a deal...esp if the majority of the 7mil ALSO have an Xbox and CAN buy it there if they had to.

showtimefolks26d ago


Absolutely not that's a made up myth by xbox defense force

Ps4 has the higher install and sells more software

PistolsAtDawn26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Showtimefolks It seems as if you don't comprehend what "ratio" means. I never suggested that games sell more copies on Xbox...I even put in my comment as an example that PS sold 7mil and Xbox 5mil...that doesn't mean that Xbox sold more games...but as a ratio compared to consoles sold more. Which THAT is factually true. Xbox sells more games per console sold...not more games total.

You lack of understanding of such a basic concept makes me worry for what you interpret as a "myth", it's much more likely you just misunderstood what was being said. Reminds me of how often people implied that MS did a 180 early on this gen. True, sometimes they were 180s (almost always for the better so who cares?) but most times MS didn't change it's stance, just clarified it....people that misunderstood the first time around thought the world revolved around them and saw the difference as a MS 180.

rainslacker25d ago

Where did you get these attach rate numbers? The only information I've seen in recent years is that Ubi, and I believe EA, make more revenue per user on Xbox than they do on PS. That revenue is on a per user basis, and it's obviously going to be lower on a system with more people because there are going to be more people who spend less money. Plus, those numbers weren't just in new software sales.

But overall revenue does suggest that PS still beats the Xbox quite readily, sometimes more than twice what you see on the XBox. Sony generally gets around 50% of the revenue for these companies, and the Xbox can vary between 25-35%. So it would seem that given the PS4 has twice as many consoles, that the revenue is generally twice as much, suggesting that attach rates are roughly equal....of if you really want to dive into it, less, because Xbox users actually spend more per game to drive up that revenue.

I've personally never seen any game that sells twice as much on PS as it does on Xbox. Maybe FFXV, but never paid attention. But that just means on a per user basis, there are less people buying certain games that we may pay attention to. I'm sure if we looked at it across the board, and included casuals, then we'd see plenty of games which sell at that ratio or more. But all that would be anecdotal and wouldn't really mean much in the end.

modelgod26d ago

If MS payed enough money they'll do it. It besides, how did that work for SF5? how well did they sell?

niko0425d ago

Well they have done a ton of updates to the game and a new one is coming out soon. So... good...

Kavorklestein25d ago

@ Niko04.... that was not an actual response.

Zeref25d ago

I love the dumb excuses that people have for an Xbox exclusive marvel game. But Sony should have one because.... Sony?

"What 3rd party studio can leave 60 millions plus gamers out?"
The third party studio would not be the one with the IP. Just like insomniac doesn't have Spider-Man.
Sony paid them to make it because they licensed the Spider-Man IP for gaming.

Microsoft can do the exact same if they manage to license a Marvel IP. And 30 million is not a small market.

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PhoenixUp26d ago

Microsoft has no reason to try and pursue an exclusive Marvel game.

JonnS26d ago

Why not cause u say so or u think that all game only need be on that platform.

lodossrage26d ago

Not everything is partisan. It's not even about having content on "one platform over another"

If Microsoft themselves don't see any profit in it, they won't do it. If they think they'll profit off it, they'll pursue it, just like any business.

XanderZane26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yeah they do. They should pursue a lot of Marvel exclusives, since it's a very HOT commodity right now. Would love to see an exclusive game for "The Defenders" on XBox One X. That would be incredible. Going to tweet Phil now about it. lol!!

Goldby26d ago

And what studio would take care of that because all of their studios are busy makin games already, some sequels some new ips

hamburgerhill25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

If MS wanted they could surely find the talent and probably already have just lying around. I believe things are going to start changing on the exclusive front very soon and hopefully not next gen. The hating will soon pay off and as much as you hate the hating its really only for a good cause. The Return of the Xbox!

XanderZane25d ago

They could easily hire a studio. There are 100's of gaming studios out there wanting to get their big break. Lots of talented developers all over the world. You can't be that blind.

rainslacker25d ago

MS should pursue anything which is good for their business model. An exclusive marvel game could attract people to their console. But if they're not interested in competing that way, then they don't have to. I doubt the Hulk would make a suitable countermeasure to Spider-Man though. Something more along the lines of Wolverine or Avengers or X-Men, if it were even possible to get that as exclusive on Xbox. Disney, now owning Marvel, generally aren't that keen on exclusivity deals like that, and Spider-Man was probably only done because of the whole movie IP rights being all over the place.

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shinoff218326d ago

Sony has some sort of ownership of spiderman, MS dont own nothing with hulk. So no

FallenAngel198426d ago

Sony doesn't own any videogame rights to Spider-Man. He can freely appear in any game without needing any permission from Sony.