Sony Has Insomniac's Spider-Man, so We're Making a Case for a Hulk Exclusive on Xbox One X

AusGamers has posited an idea where, because Sony managed to secure themselves a standalone PS4 exclusive in Insomniac's Spider-Man, Microsoft should aggressively try and secure themselves a Hulk exclusive for Xbox One X.

Here's a snippet:

"We’ve seen with the Batman: Arkham series just how good comic-to-game development can be, and now Insomniac is having a crack, with Sony right behind them with Spider-Man. The new Thor flick, Ragnarok, is the current MCU buzz and its inclusion of Planet Hulk-esque Hulk is an important reminder of what that series means to the fans, but also how cool it is. But even if it’s not Planet Hulk, or even any of the arc opportunities mentioned throughout this piece, a good, modern and technology-heavy Hulk game needs to happen, and with green on their side, and all that Xbox One X power, Microsoft’s new platform seems like the perfect fit.

Make it happen, Phil.

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corroios306d ago

Thats not the problem. What 3rd party studio can leave 60 millions plus gamers out? They could try a timed exclusive, but more then that right now its just a dream.

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StuffAndThings305d ago

What comes around goes around

Dinkis305d ago

So how is it that they have already made a game exclusively for xbox when it was 20/40 in PS favour but you don't think they will now?

Goldby305d ago

Sony wanted to buy the IP off of insomniac, MS let them keep it. That's all

PistolsAtDawn305d ago

This SEEMS like solid logic on the face of it, but it doesn't actually work out this way. Games attach ratios are typically higher on Xbox than they are on PS4. PS4 attracted more casuals than Xbox that don't buy as many games. PS4 console base is around 60mil and Xbox is about 30mil last I heard, but I can't think of any game that sold twice as much on PS4 than it did on XB1...the sales typically aren't that far apart. So yeah, 60mil vs 30mil seems like a huge gap, but if the actual game sales are 7mil vs 5mil....that's not as big of a deal...esp if the majority of the 7mil ALSO have an Xbox and CAN buy it there if they had to.

showtimefolks305d ago


Absolutely not that's a made up myth by xbox defense force

Ps4 has the higher install and sells more software

PistolsAtDawn305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

@Showtimefolks It seems as if you don't comprehend what "ratio" means. I never suggested that games sell more copies on Xbox...I even put in my comment as an example that PS sold 7mil and Xbox 5mil...that doesn't mean that Xbox sold more games...but as a ratio compared to consoles sold more. Which THAT is factually true. Xbox sells more games per console sold...not more games total.

You lack of understanding of such a basic concept makes me worry for what you interpret as a "myth", it's much more likely you just misunderstood what was being said. Reminds me of how often people implied that MS did a 180 early on this gen. True, sometimes they were 180s (almost always for the better so who cares?) but most times MS didn't change it's stance, just clarified it....people that misunderstood the first time around thought the world revolved around them and saw the difference as a MS 180.

rainslacker305d ago

Where did you get these attach rate numbers? The only information I've seen in recent years is that Ubi, and I believe EA, make more revenue per user on Xbox than they do on PS. That revenue is on a per user basis, and it's obviously going to be lower on a system with more people because there are going to be more people who spend less money. Plus, those numbers weren't just in new software sales.

But overall revenue does suggest that PS still beats the Xbox quite readily, sometimes more than twice what you see on the XBox. Sony generally gets around 50% of the revenue for these companies, and the Xbox can vary between 25-35%. So it would seem that given the PS4 has twice as many consoles, that the revenue is generally twice as much, suggesting that attach rates are roughly equal....of if you really want to dive into it, less, because Xbox users actually spend more per game to drive up that revenue.

I've personally never seen any game that sells twice as much on PS as it does on Xbox. Maybe FFXV, but never paid attention. But that just means on a per user basis, there are less people buying certain games that we may pay attention to. I'm sure if we looked at it across the board, and included casuals, then we'd see plenty of games which sell at that ratio or more. But all that would be anecdotal and wouldn't really mean much in the end.

modelgod305d ago

If MS payed enough money they'll do it. It besides, how did that work for SF5? how well did they sell?

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Kavorklestein305d ago

@ Niko04.... that was not an actual response.

Zeref305d ago

I love the dumb excuses that people have for an Xbox exclusive marvel game. But Sony should have one because.... Sony?

"What 3rd party studio can leave 60 millions plus gamers out?"
The third party studio would not be the one with the IP. Just like insomniac doesn't have Spider-Man.
Sony paid them to make it because they licensed the Spider-Man IP for gaming.

Microsoft can do the exact same if they manage to license a Marvel IP. And 30 million is not a small market.

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PhoenixUp306d ago

Microsoft has no reason to try and pursue an exclusive Marvel game.

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XanderZane305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Yeah they do. They should pursue a lot of Marvel exclusives, since it's a very HOT commodity right now. Would love to see an exclusive game for "The Defenders" on XBox One X. That would be incredible. Going to tweet Phil now about it. lol!!

Goldby305d ago

And what studio would take care of that because all of their studios are busy makin games already, some sequels some new ips

hamburgerhill305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

If MS wanted they could surely find the talent and probably already have just lying around. I believe things are going to start changing on the exclusive front very soon and hopefully not next gen. The hating will soon pay off and as much as you hate the hating its really only for a good cause. The Return of the Xbox!

XanderZane304d ago

They could easily hire a studio. There are 100's of gaming studios out there wanting to get their big break. Lots of talented developers all over the world. You can't be that blind.

rainslacker305d ago

MS should pursue anything which is good for their business model. An exclusive marvel game could attract people to their console. But if they're not interested in competing that way, then they don't have to. I doubt the Hulk would make a suitable countermeasure to Spider-Man though. Something more along the lines of Wolverine or Avengers or X-Men, if it were even possible to get that as exclusive on Xbox. Disney, now owning Marvel, generally aren't that keen on exclusivity deals like that, and Spider-Man was probably only done because of the whole movie IP rights being all over the place.

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shinoff2183306d ago

Sony has some sort of ownership of spiderman, MS dont own nothing with hulk. So no

FallenAngel1984306d ago

Sony doesn't own any videogame rights to Spider-Man. He can freely appear in any game without needing any permission from Sony.

Krysis306d ago

I was under the same impression that Sony holds all rights to Spiderman.

dirkdady306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Marvel VP Ong confirmed multi Spider-Man IP deal with Sony as they picked up the rights after Activision lost their rights to video game part. Sony already owns the movie rights to the Spider-Man properties so this extension is only natural.

FallenAngel1984306d ago

@ Krysis

Are you crazy or have been living under a rock for the past decades? Have you not seen Spider-Man appearing in various games over the years?

Sony only owns the film rights to the character. Marvel can do whatever they want with the character in other mediums.

@ dirk

Yeah Sony has rights to this specific IP, not the character as a whole across the videogame medium. Have you ever seen any publishers like Capcom, Activision, Kabam, or Warner Bros Interactive ever needing to ask Sony permission to use Spider-Man in their game?

You really don't know what you're talking about.

BlackTar187306d ago


How do you know they don't ask? I mean seriously, this isn't something that makes front pages so unless you're the rights lawyer who the hell would know without looking it up specifically.

FallenAngel1984306d ago

Cuz they freaking don't have to ask. Sony never held the videogame rights to Spider-Man, only the film rights.

You really think if Sony actually owned the rights to Spider-Man that they would let the character appear in games on competing platforms? You think if Sony did own the rights to Spider-Man video games that there wouldn't be factual articles claiming such a thing?

Anyone who thinks that Sony holds the rights to everything Spider-Man related is completely misinformed. They don't hold the television rights(look up why The Spectacular Spider-Man show was cancelled), merchandising rights(Disney bought those in 2011), & especially not the videogame rights to the character(when has this ever been a topic that was brought up before?)

Sony just managed to acquire the license to make a series of Spider-Man games similar to how any other publisher in the history of gaming had acquired licensing rights to make games based on Marvel properties.

Chevalier306d ago

Sony also leveraged the fact that MS wanted Spiderman in the MCU and since Disney/Marvel stand to make a billion dollars on merchandise alone had every reason to make the Spiderman as standalone character games exclusive to PS4. MS has no such leverage. As long as Sony is allowing Spiderman to stay in the MCU Disney/Marvel have every reason to maintain that exclusivity.

FallenAngel1984306d ago

Sony acquiring the license to make Spider-Man games has nothing to do with the MCU.

They most likely chose to pursue that character in particular to help cross promote their movies and games based on Spider-Man.

Aenea306d ago

But Sony does have rights for Spidey in movies and they used those rights to get the Spiderman game as an exclusive in exchange for Spiderman appearing in Marvel movies....

There it's a win-win for both sides, MS doesn't have anything to offer Marvel except money...
And no, those money bags need to be really big to equal the amount Marvel makes with Spiderman appearing in their movies....

FallenAngel1984306d ago

No they did not. The movie rights did not play any role in Sony acquiring the videogame license. The details of the deal were already laid bare in 2015. Anything else is baseless speculation.

Sony acquired the videogame license just like any other gaming publisher would acquire the license to use Marvel properties in their games.

PSN_ZeroOnyx305d ago

Sony only owns Spiderman movie rights. Marvel wanted tose rights in order to get Spiderman into CA: Civil War, Spiderman Homecoming, the Avengers and future movies. A deal was made and part of the deal, like it or not, gave Sony exclusive Spiderman game licensing.

Raiden305d ago

Sony has the publishing rights to Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man, but I'm not sure about essential Spider-Man or spectacular Spider-Man but they do have so kinda controlling rights, I'm not sure if marvel got it rights back from Sony

Anzil305d ago

They own these exclusive games being made by insomniac. So no one else can make a solo Spider-Man game. Marvel owns Spider-Man other than movie rights and when they made their deal with Sony to help them make the movies...Sony asked for right to exclusive Spider-Man game rights for the series of games. Why because Sony strongest division....called PlayStation. Marvel will still make a killing. Marvel wouldn't have done it otherwise.

Razzer305d ago

Where are the details of the Spider-Man PS4 deal? Cuz as far as I can tell we don't know what anything about it.

sampson3121305d ago (Edited 305d ago )


say you own the spider man game rights = Disney
and i own the movie rights=sony.

f you don't allow me to have the rights for the games, i won't let little spidey play with iron man and you will never have a movie like Homcoming ever again.

FallenAngel1984305d ago

@ PSN & Sam

You're forgetting that at the time this deal was being made in late 2014/early 2015 that Disney Interactive held most of the rights to Marvel characters in console videogames. Spider-Man was scheduled to appear in the MCU regardless.

@ Anzil

I know that. I'm saying Sony doesn't own the rights to Spider-Man as a whole in the videogame game realm to the extent they own the film rights. Other publishers do not have to make a deal with Sony or ask them permission to use the character in their own games.

@ Raiden

Sony only owns the film rights to Spider-Man and not television rights. Sony acquired the videogame rights just like any other publisher did when Disney Interactive dissolved and the Marvel properties were up for grabs again for many other publishers just like it had been in the past. Sony choose to go for Spider-Man for obvious cross promotion.

Xx_Pistol_xX305d ago

They own the movie rights which probably got them the game licence for this title. Since they allowed Marvel to get the movie right to the last movie.

FallenAngel1984305d ago

No Sony just applied for the videogame license when they were up for grabs. The films rights didn't provide them any leverage in attaining the game license. They just choose to go for Spider-Man because it would be great cross-promotion.

Disney does not hold the film rights. Sony just leased out the character to be used in Civil War similar to how Disney is now leasing their Marvel properties to be used across a wide array of console videogames

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FallenAngel1984306d ago

@ Mod

The future of Spider-Man videogames is with Sony, however the future of Spider-Man appearing across different videogames such as Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Marvel: Contest of Champions, Marvel Heroes Omega, Lego Marvel & the upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix will remain with any publisher that can acquire the license.

@ Eon

Sony acquired the license to have Spider-Man games appear exclusively on PlayStation, but they didn't acquire the license to exclusively use him entirely in the videogame industry. Spider-Man is still free to appear across a slew of videogames like the ones I mentioned earlier.

XanderZane304d ago

That's what I'm saying. Anyone else can get the same rights Sony got and use Spiderman in a completely different game. I'm pretty sure there will be a Lego's Avengers Infinity War game will Spiderman in it in the future. What Sony going to do about that? Nothing....

FallenAngel1984304d ago

Exactly! Finally someone else who gets this basic concept!

dcbronco305d ago

Shinoff that is the proper answer. Sony owns the Spiderman license and commissioned Insomniac to make a game. It's no different than Microsoft owning Sunset Overdrive. If Microsoft wanted to make SO movies and comics they still control it. It's why it took so long to get Spiderman into the MCU films. Despite him being a Marvel creation they temporarily sold the rights to Sony.

Now Microsoft could license Hulk for a game. But I've never been a fan of the monkey see monkey do mentality. Making a Hulk game because Sony has a Spiderman game is a recipe for disaster.

Goldby305d ago

Insomniac owns the IP. Not ms.
Sony wanted to buy the IP off them and that's why they went to ms to keep the IP

ziggurcat305d ago

As Goldby said - Insomniac actually owns the rights to the SSoD IP. Sony wanted to own the rights, but Insomniac wasn't in agreement with that, so they went with MS who let them keep the rights to the game.

ShadowWolf712305d ago

Sure they let them keep the IP, but they're not allowed to take that game anywhere else. So they kinda still got a bum rap.

dcbronco305d ago

You're right. I stand corrected. Insomniac owns SO. But it does seem like the deal includes console exclusivity. It does leave other things like toys or merchandise for them and that can be millions.

XanderZane304d ago

Yes, MS doesn't own the IP, but I think they own the publishing rights. So if Insomniac does decide to make a sequel, MS would get first crack at it being published on XBox One.

ziggurcat304d ago


"Sure they let them keep the IP, but they're not allowed to take that game anywhere else..."

It's their IP, they can do whatever the hell they want with it - they could always put out a "definitive edition" on multiple platforms if they ever decided to do that at any point in time.

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Zeref305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

So if Sony has exclusive rights to Spider-Man games then how come he's in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? A multiplatform game?

I know Activision doesn't have the rights anymore but that doesn't mean Disney can't have Spider-Man games on other platforms.
And didn't they announce an Avengers game with Square Enix? How much do you want to bet Spider-Man is in it?

Sony has rights to make Spider-Man games but not exclusive to them. Microsoft can do the exact same if they're willing to shell out money for whatever Marvel IP they desire. Only reason they haven't done so is probably because their ties/relationship with the movie industry is not as strong as Sony's.

XanderZane304d ago

Sony owns Spiderman's movie rights. They don't own any Spiderman gaming rights. Also, Sony isn't even making the Spiderman game, Insomniac Games is making it which is a 3rd party developer. Marvel still owns Spiderman and could easily give another studio the right to make a Spiderman game. They could give Microsoft the right to make any Marvel character game they wanted as long as Microsoft paid them. So yes, Microsoft could get the rights to make Marvel games.

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