Five Video Game-To-Movie Releases That Weren’t Completely Miserable

A lot of video game movies may suck lately, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

WWG lists some of its favorites. Yes, including Street Fighter.

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Fist4achin505d ago

I haven't seen the street fighter movie, but the rest were decent movies. I also like the first resident evil movie. The following went really off the rails.

Soulst0rmer504d ago

The 3 Resident Evil cgi films are good. Degeneration was my favorite

TheDCD504d ago

Go see Vendetta. Pretty good.

DogJosha504d ago

I found Spirits Within to be a pretty bad movie, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a big FF fan. It should have been replaced with RE on the list. I also thought RE2 was still good, but 3 is when they lost it. They ruined the movies in the same way they ruined the games...

Segata504d ago

I liked Silent Hill. Sonic The Movie was alright. Animated SF film was good. Yakuza movie is good.

Cy504d ago

Street Fighter is great if you go into it with the right mindset. It's one of the best cheesy action movies to come out of the 90s. If you want a more faithful SF adaptation, watch the Street Fighter V anime. It's pretty good.

And of course it goes without saying that Mortal Kombat is the best video game movie adaptation of all time.

Cy504d ago

Street Fighter 2 V anime* No idea if there's one for SFV, but it's best to be specific lol

TheDCD504d ago

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Ah yes.

TheDCD504d ago

Exactly. The anime is better but this was about pointing out Hollywood films. And SF blows away whatever Legend of Chun Li was.

Cy504d ago

Oh I know, I just felt it deserved a mention. And I wasn't talking about the movie, though that was great too. There was an anime series called Street Fighter 2 V that was a really great run through the whole (at the time) SF canon.

But yeah f*ck Legend of Chun Li. God that thing was awful.

TheDCD504d ago

Would've mentioned it but the article was about Hollywood flicks. But I'll make sure to keep this in mind for my anime piece. :D

bluefox755504d ago

I was 10 when I saw Mortal Kombat at the movie theater, and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.