Demon's Souls Now Playable On PC Thanks To RPCS3

Ever wanted to play Demon's Souls on your PC? Well, it is playable right now, thanks to RPCS3, the PlayStation emulator.

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Babadook7241d ago

"Here’s to hoping that they get the game running at 100% in the near future."

I'm not holding my breath it will ever be 100%.

_-EDMIX-_241d ago

I mean...I didn't say that but sure.

I don't think it will work 100% in terms of the online part, but I won't say never.

Who knows.

Babadook7240d ago

Ahh sorry Edmix. That quote was from the article. Did not mean to imply anything against you.

blanka4545241d ago

Alright have it on my ps3 oh well. give them like 3 years then maybe.

SlapHappyJesus240d ago

PS3 is a hassle to emulate simply because the cell processor was a disaster to develop with.