Warframe’s “Chains of Harrow” update is coming to PS4 and Xbox One today

Independent developer and publisher Digital Extremes is proud to announce the newest Warframe® update, “Chains of Harrow”, arrives on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One today.

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Elwenil392d ago

It should be noted that this update includes a rebuild of the entire game, a "remaster" as DE is calling it, and should be a sizable download. It's looking like about 19 GB for me now on PS4 so you may want to plan ahead as Warframe is one of those games that rarely updates on it's own in rest mode.

TGG_overlord392d ago

Oh, thanks for the info =) Because I didn't know that. Nice!

rdgneoz3392d ago

If you're talking about the Plains content that was just announced, that'll be in the fall. PC has had the Harrow update for a bit, consoles are just getting it. It does say it includes Earth being redone (graphics wise) and a new tile set / returned mode from a previous event, but it's not the rebuild of the entire game.

Elwenil392d ago

Sorry, but you are incorrect. Here is a quote from Danielle:

" Here is some important information about the Chains of Harrow Update.

The Chains of Harrow PS4 update is a remaster build. What makes this build so special, you ask? Well, we did a little summer cleaning and removed old game assets that are no longer in use to free up hard disc space (19 GB of disc space vs. 35 GB!). We also rearranged all existing assets into optimal locations to speed up load times.

What does this mean for you guys? To bring you all these awesome optimizations, the Chains of Harrow update will require Warframe to be re-downloaded. The good news is that half the size means half the download time, and for all of you new to Warframe on PS4 this means the download will be speedy! And for all you existing PS4 players, the update will simply download in the background. "

And the similar post for the Xbox version:

The Plains of Eidolon is a separate update that currently no one has yet so I am not sure why you mentioned it.

TGG_overlord392d ago

See Elwenil's answer down below.

Fist4achin392d ago

I haven't tried Warframe, but is sounds cool.

TGG_overlord392d ago

It's very cool ;) And if you haven't read my interview with Digital Extremes Rebecca Ford, then here it is:

ZaWarudo392d ago

Defection won't drop the damn Harrow part! >:(