Someone is recreating Resident Evil & The House of the Dead in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘AlbertREWesker – Zelda as Imagined’ is currently recreating Resident Evil and The House of the Dead in Unreal Engine 4. And while the demo for The House of the Dead is in a really early stage, the one for Resident Evil seems to be in a completely playable state, and looks really spectacular."

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InKnight7s391d ago

Then Capcom will shut it down and left us with low effort and poor quality remakes and remastered.

MasterChief3624391d ago

REmake (aka Resident Evil remastered) is proof that their remakes and remasters are anything but poor quality and low effort. Do any of their remasters or remakes trump that outstanding achievement? No. Not at all. Resident Evil 2 remastered, whenever that comes out, will probably be on-par, though. But the other stuff they've remastered/remade, like Mega Man Legacy Collection, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 0, Disney's Afternoon Collection, and soooo many others... to call them poor-quality is tremendously misguided.

Shinox391d ago

Do you honestly expect the current Capcom to make a masterpiece like Remake , you seem like you are not aware that most RE teams left Capcom and for some reason you have high expectation that they will deliver the same exact experience .

GamesMaster1982391d ago

Poor Remakes and Remasters ? Resident Evil Remaster is one of the best ever Remake/Remasters ever made. At the end of the day if Capcom shuts this guy down then its up to them as its their property not his.

Derceto391d ago

"Someone Is Getting a Nice C&D Real Soon"

bluefox755391d ago

These solo remakes never seem to ever materialize into anything.

we420391d ago

I wonder how that House of the Dead one will turn out if Sega doesn't shut it down, I really wish they'd make a new one.

Retroman391d ago

It is always a private programmer creating something better than lazy Developers.
if i had 50,000 would gladly offer to this guy create Contra,Gradius,Clay Fighter, Jax and Daxter with Unreal Engine 4

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