Crackdown 3 for Xbox One and PC Looks Hectic In Tons of Action Gameplay

Microsoft showcased about fifteen minutes of gameplay of Crackdown 3 at San Diego Comic Con.

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Yohshida309d ago

give us MP finally, couldnt care less about the sp part

thekhurg309d ago

That xbox exclusive mouse arrow in the beginning of the video was incredible...

Yohshida309d ago

some call it play anywhere, others dont get it

freshslicepizza308d ago

Lol, I love how he has to plug that PR in, only on Xbox. The game looks OK but yeah, let's see some real destruction in MP. Anyone know if this game will have open frame rate on the PC or is it locked to 30fps like the Xbox?

ProjectVulcan308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I don't even get the love for Crackdown. The first game was quite good 10 years ago, but Crackdown 2 was crap.

What has this game shown that it'll be anything other than a critical and commercial failure? It looks terrible, it feels generic and dull, and it also looks like it is full of all sorts of camera and detection issues.

But it's an early build! I hear you say.

This is a game that has been in development hell for years and years and it supposed to go gold in about 2 months. 2 months time this game is supposed to be finished. It's not looking good at all.

Shin-Zantetsuken308d ago

Damn... looks so bland, boring, and repetitive. This game will bomb hard. And they have still not showed that cloud-powered fully destructible multiplayer; there is something very fishy about this game.

andrewsquall308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@moldybread Why are you asking? You will be doing all your game play on Xbone. Or is it the possible PC higher frame rate that has you concerned?

badz149308d ago

most hillarious part...6:55 ~ 7:05

"PLAYING CRACKDOWN! Crackdown 3. this is so much better than Crackdown 2!....I never played Crackdown 2..."

how much did they pay this guy? this is PC footage and they put a noob playing it. who the hell at MS really thought this is the best way to promote this game?

bouzebbal308d ago

All the fuss for this ???
Looks like ps2 quality

RacerX308d ago

Wow, aiming looks terrible, very clunky.

bluefox755308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Crackdown was never a critically acclaimed. The first game got an 83, the second game a 70. People are acting like it's some "classic" Xbox franchise. In reality it was just a more mediocre Saints Row, minus all of the charm and humor.

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obidanshinobi309d ago

I'm the opposite.
My crappy internet connection at home is unlikely to handle the MP side of things.
I looking forward to this for the single player campaign only, well will play some co-op too.

andrewsquall308d ago

Wait, so you are playing it for the solo only but you will be connected online to be playing co-op too. So you AREN'T getting it for the single player only whether you've convinced yourself or not.

JasonKCK308d ago

So your internet sucks for MP but not co-op?

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babadivad308d ago

Who the FUCK is in charge of Microsoft marketing? You have a game that everyone wants to see more of to make a decision to buy it or not. So, what do they do? They find a complete novice in a non-controlled setting play the game to make it look as bad as possible. And then Microsoft uploads this garbage themselves!!

I guarentee they lost a TON of sales with this. I don't know what the fuck they are thinking sometimes. I don't know what Microsoft is paying their marketing team, but even if they are working for free, they're grossly overpaid. WTF. . .

DrumBeat308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Looks like garbage-trash. Absolute garbage-trash. Looks completely dull, bland, uninspired, and if it's only on Xbox, that's a good thing. Save PS4 or Switch players the pain of making what would unarguably be a terrible purchase.

Nu308d ago

The game looks like it's not even ready with that crappy hit detection and horrendous physics.

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D3athc3ll309d ago

wow looks bad.... I feel sad for the xbox people.

narsaku309d ago

I disagree completely. It looks like it's going to be a really fun sandbox to run around in for awhile. I'm looking forward to jetpacking around, killin some badies, using some super powers, chuckin some cars and having a good old Spiderman 2 free roam time.

Xx_Pistol_xX308d ago

Please don't compare this game to Spiderman.

ModiJi308d ago

Might be fun for about first 5 minutes, from the look of things.

308d ago
andrewsquall308d ago

Haha the delusions have even started that yous are going to be getting a high quality game with top notch animations like Spiderman 2, a PS2 era game from the early noughties. Maybe just go back to saying it looks like 10 and a half year old Crackdown 1.

masterfox308d ago


Seriously it looks pretty bad.

sampson3121308d ago

looks like it's a 2009 game, what a shame.

rainslacker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Having seen videos of the original, it looks like they barely moved on from that. If you want all that stuff you're looking for, go buy a PS3 and just play infamous, or get a PS4 and play I:SS or First light. It looks fun in videos, and it is fun to play. This doesn't even look fun.

I'm not one to put down any game due to graphics, but this doesn't look like fun. Maybe the MP is, who knows, MS won't show it, because I guess they like to tease us with this crap. Only logical explanation right?

I know Xbox fans have some standards. Maybe actually apply them here, instead of just accepting whatever MS will dish out for you so you can win some meaningless console war argument against other fan boys in some meaningless forum.

JasonKCK308d ago

"Please don't compare this game to Spiderman."

No kidding Crackdown 3 isn't a QTE fest.

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2cents309d ago

Haha... Keep your crocodile tears for someone who cares. Don't forget the violin.

308d ago
2cents308d ago

You clearly don't understand the definition of crocodile tears. But you sure do understand the definition of troll.

obidanshinobi309d ago

I'm an "xbox person" and a "playstation person" and a "nintendo person" and a "sega person".
A real gamer basically.
No need to feel sad for us, we're more likely to feel sad for you.

308d ago
chrisoadamson309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I feel bad for people that can only afford one platform... ouch

ModiJi308d ago

He has the best platform with tons of games, don't feel bad for him.

Kribwalker308d ago


Obviously he doesn't, Forza horizon 3 craps on any racing game on your "best platform" halo is the best first person shooter exclusive on any of the platforms as well.....

308d ago
343_Guilty_Spark308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Their mom is usually the one buying the console.

They are that fat wykid that rages when she buys the wrong controller lol

Kribwalker308d ago

So better sales mean better game? Funny cause call of duty outsold uncharted 4, does that mean it's a better game? FH3 is the best racer this gen so far, by far. Until you play it you have no idea.
And buying games, lol, I have over 230 games on my Xbox one, I'm over 25 games on my PS4 now and my switch has 2 so far and will be getting mario when it comes, you guys are the ones that need to be buying games, when less then 2% of your console base buy games like persona 5 or Nier or nioh you have some serious issues with people not buying quality exclusives

spicelicka308d ago

Hahaha basically this. After owning both major platforms it's so cringey watching fanboys.

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Psychotica308d ago

What if you are playing it on PC?

Bobafret308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

No it doesn't and no, you don't. What are "Xbox people" anyway?

ModiJi308d ago

Nice way to call xbox fanboys, maybe?

Bigpappy308d ago

Don't feel sad. This is for people who like this kind of stuff. I am not an exclusive whore and this game never appealed to me. Not the first,second, or third. I'll be playing Shadow of War at native 4K30, assassin's Creed at what ever the final native resolution is (look great and smooth as heck), the Bethesda games, and Anthem. Those are what I will be playing on my X. Those who clamor for exclusives can have them. I only play the games that appeal to me don't care if they are on 20 different consoles.

Having said that, if would hurt to have someone who at least plays video games doing the gameplay preview. That whole stream was painful to watch expect for Shadow of war, where that guy actually care about the game.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

they don't know any better...

TheGamingArt308d ago

Apparently people forgot about the Hulk game that released in the PS2 era. They don't quite understand that this is quite old and outdated material.

LexHazard79308d ago

you act like thats all they have to play.

Critic4l_Strik3308d ago

Yeah...that's what they are relying on pretty much. I was bored the first 5 minutes already

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DigitalRaptor309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It seems a bit of a paradox that Microsoft are launching this game after so long, as a spearhead of their "Feel True Power" marketing campaign in the state that it's in. It looks terrible. It honestly looks like an early Xbox 360 game. Not even just visually, I know they've gone for cel-shading, but it's not even good cel-shading and the animations are really rough. No wonder they have to get celebrity/influencer hype in on this.

I suppose this is what happens when you outsource a mismanaged project:

The MP that they still haven't shown only 3-4 months from launch really has to knock it out of the park.

Yohshida309d ago

why would you care? Like you gonna play it xD

MrFisher21308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

A crap game is a crap game. You don't have to own a console to watch gameplay and notice this. I'm very disappointed with this game. This was worth the wait?? I guess when you have nothing, you will take anything.

ModiJi308d ago

Why do you care that he cares?

Godmars290308d ago

"why would you care?"

Because Xbox fans here are going to be using it as an example to defend the Xbox brand no well or badly it reviews or sells.

It happens every time Forza and GT, and Crytek's Roman title.

Yohshida308d ago

What are you even talking about Godmars?
Forza and GT? What about it?

Godmars290308d ago

So very time there's a new Forza title Xbox fans don't proclaim it "The new racing sim King"? Don't lord over better review scores while ignoring sale numbers which tend to be higher for GT?

Yohshida308d ago

Yes, its because Forza is a way better game. Why would I care which one sells more? Do you also think MC Donalds is the best food because they sell the most? Or Coke the best drink? I care about FUN, GAMEPLAY and Content/Replayabillity in games first. If you care so much about sales, why dont dont you come up with the best selling game of all time aka minecraft?

Godmars290308d ago

"Why would I care which one sells more?"

Because you, Xbox fans, then insist that better reviews should equate to better sales of the game if not whole consoles. But because Forza tends not to sell as well as GT, sales don't matter as far as you're concerned.

Nevermind, again, that the difference in reviews tends to average within one point or because Xbox ownership is significant, just not industry leading, if racing games in general where nothing more than a niche, it would be selling more.

Yohshida308d ago

Don't know what you want, last time I checked, Forza is the best selling Racing game of the entire gen

Godmars290308d ago

"Forza is the best selling Racing game of the entire gen"

Compared to what other racing games?

Drive club sold about as well, and there's a GT title coming out... this year? In all honesty likely will sell about as well.

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309d ago
obidanshinobi309d ago

Chill Winston.
It's called a graphic novel art style and I think it looks great.

ModiJi308d ago

No, it's called 'poor' art style.

Ra3v3r308d ago


We'll remember that when Ni No Kuni 2 launches. Ni No Kuni looks great by the way, I'm just trying to prove a point that it's not a "poor" art style.

343_Guilty_Spark308d ago

How many times do you need to post this?

DigitalRaptor308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

This is the kind of thing I expected you know.

Responses from people asking "why do you care?" and other non-replies, rather than actual responses concerning my observations. It's the easy way out for these individuals, to try and discredit someone, rather than talking about the uncomfortable reality of the thing they're rooting for. You know that these same individuals have a number of things to say in Sony related articles, so why such a problem for me to express my valid opinion here? I'm shocked that MS could let one of their tentpole first-party games come out looking like this, especially one that is making a push for high-end graphics on their latest upcoming console which this game will launch alongside.

If the multiplayer ends up being this phenomenal thing that takes Xbox places, and we can forget the single player looking so trash because it was outsourced to Sumo Digital, then all should be fine. I suppose if the graphics get a proper boost in the next 3-4 months it will be acceptable. It just looks like a mess on multiple levels and the one thing that people have been anticipating for years from this game - the Azure destruction capabilities - is MIA only 3-4 months before the game is due to ship, and with them skipping on the Beta trial that they would need for a game on this scale, and that should be a de facto worry. Hopefully they can sort it out.

@ 343_Guilty_Spark

How many times did you have to post that Quantum Break would be the best action-shooter & game of the year in 2015/16?

Dragonscale308d ago

After watching this pos game you think the multiplayer is gonna be any good? CD3 is gonna sink without trace. This looks like footage from the original 360 game fgs.

sd11308d ago

To me it seems like they spent so much of their time trying to use the cloud ( does it even work in multiplayer) that the game might have suffered as a result. Of course i won't condemn it just yet, but to me the game looks pretty average and likely to average 65-70 on meta. If the multiplayer works it might be great, but i am skeptical that they have still not shown it off properly. Maybe the clouds couldn't handle the heat and dissipated.

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goken309d ago

looks like it would be great fun on mp... but boy the graphics is unimpressive to say the least

308d ago
Critic4l_Strik3308d ago

There's a MP mode which hasn't been shown and the game is releasing in 4 months

EazyC309d ago

The first game looks better than this, this looks like Saints Row IV.