Crackdown 3 for Xbox One and PC Looks Hectic In Tons of Action Gameplay

Microsoft showcased about fifteen minutes of gameplay of Crackdown 3 at San Diego Comic Con.

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VideoGameLab29d ago

give us MP finally, couldnt care less about the sp part

thekhurg29d ago

That xbox exclusive mouse arrow in the beginning of the video was incredible...

VideoGameLab29d ago

some call it play anywhere, others dont get it

moldybread29d ago

Lol, I love how he has to plug that PR in, only on Xbox. The game looks OK but yeah, let's see some real destruction in MP. Anyone know if this game will have open frame rate on the PC or is it locked to 30fps like the Xbox?

vulcanproject29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I don't even get the love for Crackdown. The first game was quite good 10 years ago, but Crackdown 2 was crap.

What has this game shown that it'll be anything other than a critical and commercial failure? It looks terrible, it feels generic and dull, and it also looks like it is full of all sorts of camera and detection issues.

But it's an early build! I hear you say.

This is a game that has been in development hell for years and years and it supposed to go gold in about 2 months. 2 months time this game is supposed to be finished. It's not looking good at all.

Shin-Zantetsuken29d ago

Damn... looks so bland, boring, and repetitive. This game will bomb hard. And they have still not showed that cloud-powered fully destructible multiplayer; there is something very fishy about this game.

andrewsquall29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@moldybread Why are you asking? You will be doing all your game play on Xbone. Or is it the possible PC higher frame rate that has you concerned?

badz14928d ago

most hillarious part...6:55 ~ 7:05

"PLAYING CRACKDOWN! Crackdown 3. this is so much better than Crackdown 2!....I never played Crackdown 2..."

how much did they pay this guy? this is PC footage and they put a noob playing it. who the hell at MS really thought this is the best way to promote this game?

bouzebbal28d ago

All the fuss for this ???
Looks like ps2 quality

RacerX28d ago

Wow, aiming looks terrible, very clunky.

bluefox75528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Crackdown was never a critically acclaimed. The first game got an 83, the second game a 70. People are acting like it's some "classic" Xbox franchise. In reality it was just a more mediocre Saints Row, minus all of the charm and humor.

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obidanshinobi29d ago

I'm the opposite.
My crappy internet connection at home is unlikely to handle the MP side of things.
I looking forward to this for the single player campaign only, well will play some co-op too.

andrewsquall29d ago

Wait, so you are playing it for the solo only but you will be connected online to be playing co-op too. So you AREN'T getting it for the single player only whether you've convinced yourself or not.

JasonKCK28d ago

So your internet sucks for MP but not co-op?

The_Infected29d ago

This looks terrible. The graphics aren’t that great and the city just looks bland. The gameplay also looks weak and repetitive.

ArmrdChaos29d ago

"weak and repetitive"

Just like most of your Xbox comments.

UCForce28d ago

@ArmrdChaos I think I got cringed after watching this :

trooper_28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lol @ Armrd.

Don't get upset over opinions.

patterson28d ago

Agreed. This is a $20 game being presented as if it's a $60 game. What crap.

rainslacker28d ago

Gotta love the major clipping going on with the animations also. Guys legs just go into one another as he's strafing. Can't believe this is what they have after so many years in development. I don't know what MS has spent the money on for this game, but it looks and plays like a low budget game. I always pegged it as a mid-tier game, but it's not even living up to that standard.

OmnislashVer3628d ago


You'd really pay $20 for this game? I'd have a hard time justifying $5.

Erik735728d ago

I like the weapons, I like how you can pick up dead bodies , and I like the jumping and leveling up in it

Explosions look nice in it at least...

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babadivad28d ago

Who the FUCK is in charge of Microsoft marketing? You have a game that everyone wants to see more of to make a decision to buy it or not. So, what do they do? They find a complete novice in a non-controlled setting play the game to make it look as bad as possible. And then Microsoft uploads this garbage themselves!!

I guarentee they lost a TON of sales with this. I don't know what the fuck they are thinking sometimes. I don't know what Microsoft is paying their marketing team, but even if they are working for free, they're grossly overpaid. WTF. . .

TheDBD28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Looks like garbage-trash. Absolute garbage-trash. Looks completely dull, bland, uninspired, and if it's only on Xbox, that's a good thing. Save PS4 or Switch players the pain of making what would unarguably be a terrible purchase.

Nu28d ago

The game looks like it's not even ready with that crappy hit detection and horrendous physics.

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D3athc3ll29d ago

wow looks bad.... I feel sad for the xbox people.

narsaku29d ago

I disagree completely. It looks like it's going to be a really fun sandbox to run around in for awhile. I'm looking forward to jetpacking around, killin some badies, using some super powers, chuckin some cars and having a good old Spiderman 2 free roam time.

Xx_Pistol_xX29d ago

Please don't compare this game to Spiderman.

ModiJi29d ago

Might be fun for about first 5 minutes, from the look of things.

29d ago
andrewsquall29d ago

Haha the delusions have even started that yous are going to be getting a high quality game with top notch animations like Spiderman 2, a PS2 era game from the early noughties. Maybe just go back to saying it looks like 10 and a half year old Crackdown 1.

masterfox29d ago


Seriously it looks pretty bad.

sampson312129d ago

looks like it's a 2009 game, what a shame.

Tototot28d ago

Saint row 4 said hello