No Man's Sky Alternate Reality Game Updated with New Waking Titan Website

The No Man's Sky community has been part of an ARG for a couple of months. A new website has appeared for Hello Games' upcoming update.

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Sam Fisher272d ago

Wtf is this about? Multiplayer? Thats the only thing i can imagine that would give such a big incentive to make a website for

joab777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Ultimately, I would assume that mp will make its way into No Man's Sky. With continuing tools, it could end up being something very special. But it needs to bring us together. It's cool now that we can see what others have created and visit their spaces, but in today's environment, mp is required.

That said, this is only phase 1 of project Waking Titan, with 2 and 3 coming later, so I dunno what is coming in August. I know that they have already added a ton of content, so the future is bright for NMS.

subtenko271d ago

silence fool! We need negative talk and reactions for NMS! Remember the negative press, dont forget cuz m'bandwagon!

TheSaint271d ago

People are still whining about NMS a full year later, meanwhile I've been enjoying a fun exploration game.

Haurus272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Walking Titan sounds like maybe Titanfall/Gundam style mech suits. Imagine giant flying, mining mechs that you can launch from a carrier in orbit and slam down onto the planet with. Mine faster and have far more mobile storage than the normal ships/vehicles.

joab777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Don't get me hyped! I'd love them to introduce mp in this way. Create mysteries that must be solved throughout the universe, and possibly world bosses. Imagine tackling some giant mystery or giant boss with everyone else. Dragon's Dogma did this and it was great.

I will settle for mp and creation tools. But the game and it's races lends itself to creating some Star Trek style mysteries that we can solve as a community.

DanteVFenris666271d ago

If they introduce mechs there needs to be a force to fight against. If they add both this update I'm all on board

SojournUK271d ago

It's 'Waking Titan' not Walking Titan

Haurus271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Either way, Titan makes it sound like something large scale and knowing the style of previous releases, and the fact that the game does not really have much in the way of a story, it could still be a pilotable mech. I would almost say it is likely to be a mech of some sort. Unless they are actually planning on adding a story/campaign to the game, which would be very difficult given the massive scale and random nature of the game.

KwietStorm271d ago

What exactly about it sounds like mech suits though?

Haurus271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Logic and reasonable deduction. What else could it be, within the confines of what NMS currently is as a game. As i previously said, unless they are planning on adding a story to the game, which is highly unlikely, it would have to be some kind of physical content. Basically the only physical content that is currently relevant to the game in its current format is vehicles and construction related. A mech is the most logical guess that the name fits with. Either that or a new super carrier, but that would be somewhat redundant.

Goldby271d ago


may big revamp creature models closer to the dinosaurs and giant sand worm from the trailer

KwietStorm271d ago

Logic and reasonable deduction. Really now. So based on your logic and reasonable deduction that you already alluded to about vehicles, again I ask, why MECHS specifically? If you're so entirely positive that it is, which you are, all I'm asking is how you came to this conclusion. What about Waking Titan suggests mechs? It could be anything from a specific planet, to a stalking alien that follow you across the galaxy, to a universal space station, to a mysterious being that is connected to the center, or a pet dog navigator. Why mechs?

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GT67271d ago

Why is Hello Games trying to Salvage a Sinking ship with multiple potholes?

But they say Global Elite : "Keep" telling the Same lie eventually Sheeps ( gamers) believe the lie and buy the broken down game and complaint again for something else is missing.
Hello games let this crap die already .
Come back in 7 years with FULLY LOADED game .

CrimzonRazor271d ago

Its probably time for you to move on with your life now. Do you really think your ranting is going to change the minds of people who have always liked the game and stuck with it for a year now.

Exoil271d ago

Nope, but hopefully it will help people being vary about Hello Games and their products in the future.

GT67270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Noooooo, its Never !!! time to move on with Developers like Hello games, Ea around . someone need to remind gamers not to Accept crap from lazy developers . maybe gamers like you blindly accept unpromised content like no man skys, nfs rivals, 2012 mostwanted, 2015 reboot or superhero movies that is lame no Excitement . But to those who Know better this is UNACCEPTABLE !!!!! make Noooooo difference how you try to spin it it is Unacceptable . gamers like you IS !!!!! the reason we continuely getting crapfest games .

P.S. i'm not on here to please anyone with my personal opinion or experience . im here weekly ,monthly to GIVE MY PERSONAL OPINION on said article . since we have Freedom of Speech im good.
Bottomline : it's Only a Opinion

SirBradders271d ago

No let them update the game and me just like many people who enjoyed but was let down by the lack of features will jump back in when has been updated.

KwietStorm271d ago

People bought the game. Imagine that! So they are supporting it, just like the plan was all along. You expect them to just drop everything because of some exaggerated media backlash?

mixelon271d ago

A bunch of us still like NMS and play regularly. You don’t have to like it.

Haurus271d ago

Yeah, you are butthurt, we get it. Move on. Do you want guns in Fifa also? The game is 95% of what it was originally claimed to be. If you expected something different, that is your problem. Loads of people are enjoying the game as it is.

medman271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Is it really 95 percent of what was promised? I find that hard to believe, but I am asking legitimately as I picked up the game day one and sunk about 25 hours into it, but haven't returned to it since, such is my backlog of games. If it really has improved substantially, I will have to make a point to go back to it sooner rather than later.

rainslacker271d ago

Because it's not actually sinking and people are still playing it?

Hard to believe I know, but they are supporting their game despite the large number of people who want to assume the game has flopped, or that everyone hated it because they wanted to hate on it.

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