Braben Hopes Elite Dangerous Keeps Going for 10+ Years, Says Movie Licensed Game Is Out in 2018

David Braben hopes that Elite Dangerous could keep going for another 10 years. He also revealed that the movie licensed game in development at Frontier is due in 2018.

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ccgr360d ago

Heard good things but haven't played this one yet

Bolts360d ago

This game has no game. Too much of the game's focus is based on simulation and earning credits for no reason at all. Yeah you can play space Uber and be an interstellar tourist for months but to what end? This all would still be ok if the shared world multiplayer and combat is good but it isn't.

Maxor360d ago

This is Elite Dangerous biggest problem. There are more content and systems than No Man Sky but it is still devoid of real gameplay. For those seeking thrills and excitement, the vast majority of your time in combat will spent in hisec vulturing kills from security NPCs and that is brain dead and boring AF.