Ranking Konami's 'Metal Gear' Series

Join Screen Critics as we take a look across the whole Metal Gear series of videogames. Which was your favorite game in the series?

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naruga273d ago

MGS1 > MGS3 > MGS4 (but not far behind 3) > > MGS2>=MGS5 the last 2 were the wors mGS by far.....however i liked Raiden a lot

Haurus273d ago

MGS 2 & V ahead of 4, and saying "never a huge “Wow” moment in this game that makes you feel like you’re playing a cutting edge experience" is wrong on so many levels. 4 is far beyond 2 or V as far as gameplay is concerned, and at its release it was one of the most cutting edge games on the market. Certainly the most cutting edge on consoles, both visually and from a physics standpoint. The first console game to come close to MGS4 was Killzone 2.

scark92273d ago

4 was a badass experience!

Hotabang273d ago

say cutting edge one more time

mezati99273d ago

V shits on ALL of them in gameplay

saying otherwise is just fucking retarded, it's not a matter of opinion, V has the best gameplay in any third person shooter ever

Haurus273d ago

V shits on nothing but itself. It is the text book definition of trash.

Nacho_Z273d ago

My list is nice and neat:

1. MGS1
2. MGS2
3. MGS3
4. MGS4

Haven't played any others. 4 was the first one I didn't finish and the beginning of the gulf between how much I enjoyed playing them and how much everybody else seemed to like them.

SolidGear3273d ago

You missed out big time because 4 was the best!

Nacho_Z273d ago

So everyone said at the time but I played about two thirds of it and didn't enjoy much of it. I loved MGS1, it was mind blowing. Maybe I'll revisit 4 some day, pretty much done with the series now though.

burza1982273d ago

1. MGS 3
2. MGS 1
3. MGS V
You got them right :)
4. MGS 4

Gardenia273d ago

Pretty good list. Although for me it would be

1. MGS
2. MGS 3
3. MGS 5 and MGS 2
4, MGS 4

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