Ranking Konami's 'Metal Gear' Series

Join Screen Critics as we take a look across the whole Metal Gear series of videogames. Which was your favorite game in the series?

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naruga390d ago

MGS1 > MGS3 > MGS4 (but not far behind 3) > > MGS2>=MGS5 the last 2 were the wors mGS by far.....however i liked Raiden a lot

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Nacho_Z390d ago

My list is nice and neat:

1. MGS1
2. MGS2
3. MGS3
4. MGS4

Haven't played any others. 4 was the first one I didn't finish and the beginning of the gulf between how much I enjoyed playing them and how much everybody else seemed to like them.

SolidGear3390d ago

You missed out big time because 4 was the best!

Nacho_Z390d ago

So everyone said at the time but I played about two thirds of it and didn't enjoy much of it. I loved MGS1, it was mind blowing. Maybe I'll revisit 4 some day, pretty much done with the series now though.

burza1982390d ago

1. MGS 3
2. MGS 1
3. MGS V
You got them right :)
4. MGS 4

Gardenia390d ago

Pretty good list. Although for me it would be

1. MGS
2. MGS 3
3. MGS 5 and MGS 2
4, MGS 4

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