Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Returns with Snow... to Drive a Nissan in a TV Commercial

Lightning Return alongside with Snow in a new commercial for the Nissan Kicks in China, inspired by Final Fantasy XIII.

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FallenAngel1984506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

They should've gotten the FFXV cast to do this, especially since a car plays a big part in that game already

andrewsquall505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

No way, Lightning and Snow are definitely the NEXT most popular FF characters of all time to pull this off. /s

rainslacker505d ago

I'd say LIghtning and Snow are probably more popular than Noctis and Cindy. For a while, Lightning was actually rated as the most popular FF female in Japan.

Despite the hate that surrounds the game, there are tons of people who actually enjoy it, and I do think the game had a good sense of style that people could get behind. Bland character presentation aside, there were a lot of people who liked them.

Azurite505d ago

There's car brand connected to FFXV already, Audi.

cleft5505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Lightning is actually an extremely popular character in the East. So it makes sense that she would be in the commercial. I am not sure why Snow is there, Noctis would have been the better choice for that situation but I guess they just wanted to keep with the FF13 theme.

Dark-soul505d ago

ff15 characters were so gay it almost makes me throw up by looking at them....

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DevilOgreFish506d ago

A FFXIII trilogy remaster will probably show up some time this year.

PiNkFaIrYbOi505d ago

Oh please don't even joke about it.

rainslacker505d ago

You know they are releasing a remaster trilogy right?

Elda505d ago

I'm hoping for that but personally for me the only game I would play is the first the last 2 I wouldn't bother.

343_Guilty_Spark505d ago

FF13 was way better than crap 15

Eiyuuou505d ago

Story - Nope
Storytelling - Yes
Characters - Aw hell no
Gameplay (not just combat) - No
Music - No

F0XHOUND505d ago

In favour of FF13 over FF15.

Story - Yes
Storytelling - Yes
Characters - Yes
Gameplay - Equal
Music Yes

Story actually had a continuous direction! There was a sense of journey, it also had a far more interesting cast of characters, sure some were annoying like Hope and Vanille, but the way the story branched off with different groups as you explored throughout the game, until eventually reaching Pulse was a far better experience than FF15's. Also, people cry it was all corridors and linear gameplay, sure it had 'tunnels' but most of the old highly rated games in the past FF's have been very similar, the environments were beautiful, and the music equally so. FF15 had a better main villain that's about it, and the overall original lore of the game was better but the execution was shit, they cut too much out of the game. Also, when you reach Oerba in FF13 it has a huge impact after the story and journey to that point. what did ff15 do? Killed off luna with no character depth to her, noct handed over a picture to his so called best friends before he essentially went to die and they didn't give a damn, and prompt said he was created by the empire or w/e and nothing more was said, no big deal bro! Storytelling in 15 was absolutely awful, a disgrace to the FF franchise actually.

Just a few links to some great FF13 music. And each of these songs I can remember the locations being so well designed they looked crazy in comparison to even FF15's huge open world of same old styles. Don't get me wrong, 15 looked insane and had great locations, just overall it isn't better. Find me as many 15 songs that have as much value as any of these... and don't troll me with linking its music player songs from ff13! lol

I could go on forever tbh but I got bored lmao, well done if you read all this. FF13 is better, don't argue with me lmao!

andrewsquall505d ago

The first FF game on Xbox and the start of the downfall of the franchise? Of course you would say that lol. I never touched FXV but such is the powerful suckage of FXIII that caused that.

ninsigma505d ago

Just can't do 13. I've tried multiple times to get into but it's just awful. 15 is certainly rough in some parts but gameplay is fun and interacting with the world is great. Story could have been so much better.

343_Guilty_Spark505d ago

Noctis would get owned by Lightning

F0XHOUND505d ago

What did you find so bad about 13?

ninsigma505d ago

Just didn't find it fun to play and I didn't like the characters.

cleft5505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

I agree with you, but people have so much hate for FF13 because it was linear in the beginning. Meanwhile, FF15 is open in the beginning and then linear as heck later on. People prefer their illusions to the truth, so there isn't much you can do about it.

Also, yeah Lighting would crush Noctis. There she is off defying gods and Noctis is bending his knees to destiny. It wouldn't even be a contest.

343_Guilty_Spark505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

My problem is that FF15 is simply too wide open from the beginning. I absolutely hate the janky combat. The all male party blows. The car driving sucks.

The music is good though. And FF15 in HDR looks incredible

Elda505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Agreed! I was thinking the same thing! Lightning was a badass character & she would mop the floor with simpleton Noctis.

ninsigma505d ago

Meh, at least Noctis has a better game lol

Elda505d ago

Don't say that you'll cause a Personally I like them both though both have their flaws.

rainslacker505d ago

I actually agree. Biggest problem with FFXIII was the piss poor presentation of the story, which they didn't remedy with FFXV....which was actually much worse. Characters just had bland presentation in FFXIII but outside a couple of them were not that boring, whereas they were just plain bland in FFXV. Game play I think was better in FFXV, but FFXIII wasn't actually that bad overall in this regard outside the repetative trash stuff where it was not even worth bothering with the more detailed stuff.

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Asuka505d ago

it may not be popular here, but FFXIII characters are quite popular elsewhere. Specifically Lightning. I don't really like most of the characters in FFXIII (especially Hope...just no). Lightning has been used before to model handbags and clothing lines I believe.

As for the commercial i would have preferred to see a Naked Raiden driving a Nissan Rogue lol. Make it happen Japan please xD

MunchMiller00505d ago

Time to sell your Nissan stocks. Sales are most definitely going to take a dive now.

God damn, they look like s**t too. LOL

SinkingSage505d ago

Why would they take a dive?

F0XHOUND505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

If anything FF13 has been extremely successful in terms of sales and brand strength. Especially outside of the EU/NA characters like Lightning are very popular.

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