They're Using Awful Final Fantasy XIII Characters to Sell Cars Now

A number of Final Fantasy characters have tried their hand at advertising in the past. Most notably, Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning, in all of her immensely boring glory, was once brought in to help sell designer handbags. And now, equally dreadful Final Fantasy XIII hero Snow is busy shifting Nissan cars in a brand new clip.

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PhoenixUp512d ago

Remember how FFIX was used to advertise Coke for a commercial?

-Foxtrot512d ago

Yet the game with an actual car in, FFXV...nothing


gamer7804512d ago

Better than making ff into a road trip game with an Audi, oh wait they did. I hope they just end ffxv development and work on making a good game next time.

Adrian_v01511d ago

The audi was in the movie, not the game.

Yeah let's rather have the same game for the 10th time than something new.

gamer7804511d ago

@Adrian_V01 it was in the move, but the in game car took hints from audi models, it just looks out of place guys taking a road trip in what is basically an audi driving around, filling up for gas... Zzzz... the game had troubles from the very beginning, right up until after the demos release, then again trying to finish one of the chapters months after the game's release. Its just a bad game.

alstruck511d ago

XV is a good game.. I love the hunts and the dungeons, but not much else..
Even I manage to finished it twice..

chadwarden512d ago

smh these haters are still salty

Mikefizzled512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Did China even get Final Fantasy 13? I'm so confused.

Edit: This sounds like Cantonese so it's probably for Hong Kong. They did get it.

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