Title Update 6 For Ghost Recon Wildlands From Today

Ubisoft today publishes Title Update 6 for "Ghost Recon Wildlands", which optimizes the control of helicopters, for example. Ubisoft today (just before midnight) publishes Title Update 6 for "Ghost Recon Wildlands".

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SeanScythe483d ago

About Flippng time they fixed the crap controls

XbladeTeddy482d ago

Defo an improvement. At least I know where I fire now with the aiming reticles. Helicopters feel a bit stiff but way better than the old crap you had to deal with.

Psychotica482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

So strange why they don't just copy the same flying mechanics GTA 5 or even Just Cause 3 games use. The flying in those game seem very natural..

S-Word481d ago

A Ghost Recon game without PvP is like a CoD or Battlefield game without PvP. This game is a joke (much like Ubisoft).