5 Worst Xbox One AAA Console Exclusive Games

ThisGenGaming says "In this article we are going to look at the five worst AAA video games that have released for the Xbox One since in launched in 2013."

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PhoenixUp488d ago

I can think of worse exclusives on the platform

DiceAndRice488d ago

AAA? I'm interested to hear them.

Kribwalker487d ago

Fighter within? Screamride? Zoo tycoon? Shape up

gangsta_red487d ago

Crimson Dragon..I think that's what it was called...that was the worse shit I played for free.

Godmars290487d ago

Crimson Dragon...if only that wasn't only made to pimp Kinect.

It still wouldn't have been Panzer Dragoon. Probably remained a squad based militarized MP crap clone.

Kribwalker487d ago

Why did you do these two list completely differently? You did one for PS4 that had a bunch of indies and you called that one "the worst PS4 console exclusives" and 2 days later you make a Xbox list of "AAA console exclusives" ?

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brich233487d ago

All those games are worth playing, except recore.

VforVideogames487d ago

Ryse SOR was one of my favorites so it shouldn't be on that list hope Microsoft do a 4k upgrade.

OpenGL487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Unfortunately it probably will not get a 4K upgrade as it will be 4 years old by the time Xbox One X releases. It actually was a commercial failure on Xbox One and Crytek lost a lot of money on the game. It's hard to imagine they'd want to go back to it now and spend money enhancing it. Gorgeous game though, especially for a launch title.

DARK_WOLF487d ago

Recore is a great game i really dont get the hate. It does feel unfinished tho but the difinitive edition update will fix that

BeOpenMinded486d ago

Never tried it but I hear it's better than people make it to be. I was strongly considering the definitive version... we'll see how it turns out and it may redeem itself to the masses and myself to try

Sciurus_vulgaris487d ago

Thisgengaming writing more crap click bait.

Elda487d ago

That seems like half of the entire XBO exclusive library.

giovonni487d ago

Oh please four of those games aren't even that bad.

DARK_WOLF487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

None of them are bad. I dont give a shit who disagrees with me. Ryse is GREAT, Halo MCC is very good ( shame about the online issues some have tho ), dead rising 3 is good but boring to me... and Recore is bloody excellent.

I cant wait to play it again when the definitive edition update rolls out.

Ill admit i havent played quantum break yet but that game got a whole lotta hate simply for being 720p checkerboard. It looks fine.

giovonni486d ago

I played them all except for Recore, none of these games are bad. Quantum Break to me, was a sleeper hit. The story was pretty damn good. Does it need improvement, sure! But not to the point of it being bad

BeOpenMinded486d ago

Quantum break is a quality game.. it just needed a cover system and more fleshed out combat. It's well made and obviously good devs had a hand in it. Inwouldnt mind seeing an expanded sequel. I liked Ryse too actually, it looks so good, repetitive but fun and a sequel would do well if it wasn't rushed I feel. MCC is fantastic too... this is a how a remaster should be. Clickbait but can be a good discussion

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The story is too old to be commented.