NA PSN Flash Sale For July 2017 Is Live, Includes Upto 80% Discount On 100+ Games

Sony is offering a major Flash Sale this week on the North American PlayStation Store.

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PhoenixUp460d ago

Thanks Comic Con for letting this sale happen a day earlier

Godmars290460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

The Order 1886, a once $60 game, now at $5.

And yeah, probably still consts too much :3

Godmars290459d ago

Focuses on the wrong things. On being a movie instead of a game.

Razzer459d ago

It is not great, but not horrible. $5 is a good deal.

armchairDev459d ago

It was $2.99 on sale about a month ago. I actually thought about picking it up then as a good movie deal.

txboy05459d ago

All jokes aside its not a great game ONLY because of the length of the game. BY NO means is it a terrible game. If it was twice as long we would be having a different conversation. I will say that it was not worth $60 but it was not a bad game just short.

Godmars290459d ago

The dev put their own artistic concerns above making a playable product.

txboy05459d ago

What ? How was it not playable ? It played fine it was just short. Did you even play it ?

KickSpinFilter459d ago

The length would have been not a big deal if the game was stellar. Some of the worst A.I. I played against with the half-breeds. They took the same line of attack every time. Plus once you killed them it was the same QTE finishing move. I don't have a problem if the QTE moves are good (like GOW). Story was OK but slow and boring (pacing) , and just a little to much with the vampires at the end. No point to the collectables at all. Great graphics, cover system, and steam punk aesthetic. So great rental, digital purchase for $5.

txboy05459d ago

So after dealing with werewolves for 90% of the game the last 10% were just too many vampires lol ok. You are just hella nitpicking the game and all the QTEs were not the same. The story was good and how could it possible be slow when the game is only 8-10 hours long lol. I swear some people will just saying anything to fit their narrative. For $5 its a steal i have seen some mobile games that cost more than that.

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butchertroll460d ago

Another sale on PSN. Damn, my wallet!!

thatguyhayat460d ago

I know right? Uk is having a sale too. Sony may as well make a game where they attack your wallet tekken style

nevin1460d ago

What you guys have on sale in comparison to US?


To anyone,

Is Tomb Raider Rise better than the Definitive Edition and worth $24?

Silly Mammo459d ago

Damn! Just bought Tomb Raider for $29.99 on Amazon Prime Day. Ah well...

butchertroll459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Yes, i know UK PSN ( or EU region ) has a sales too. But US has more often. Because i have US and EU account, i track both regions.

Muzikguy459d ago

I'm not impressed with this sale. It's starting to look like the same games all the time (minus a few)

Chumdiddy459d ago

You'll get downvoted to hell for this but it's true.

They want $9.99 for The Walking Dead Season One. A game that released back in 2009 (or so). They want $10 and full price is like $25.

This is a good sale if you love Pinball. Like that one pinball game? Amazing sale. Otherwise they tossed out 4+ year old titles for half of what they were at retail brand new.

Muzikguy459d ago

Even the pinball game goes on sale a lot. I think they were $1 tables at other sales so $1.50 now is meh. That game in general is stupid IMO since they went free and buy the tables separately

JokerBoy422459d ago

Pretty decent sale! Ill probably drop $40 on it...

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