Blizzard ceases support for the best Windows OS ever made beginning in October

Blizzard will cease support for the best and worst Windows OSes in October this year.

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il-JumperMT332d ago

best OS ever made? you forgot the mess windows xp was at launch?

mozzie332d ago

windows xp the best os? lol. i remember when i set up my laptop to dual boot xp and vista. i ended up using vista every time after the initial installation lol. even windows 8 was much better than windows 7 due to the ribbon in windows explorer. just my opinion.

pandehz332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I assume you never lived through the 90's.

People forget that XP had numerous updates and even then needed patching all the time. Todays's OS' es are mych more advanced and stable. BSOD was regular in the XP days. Ive had one BSOD in 4 yrs now and it was a power issue entirely.

XP is far from being the best windows OS.

7 and 10 now is the best.