Red Dead Redemption 2: Ubisoft thanks Rockstar Games for the delay

Ubisoft doesn’t hide the satisfaction of Red Dead Redemption 2 delay announce from Take-Two and Rockstar Games

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Relientk77395d ago

I'd be happy too if I was Ubisoft. Rockstar are direct and big competition for them in open world games

XanderZane395d ago

I agree with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick that it doesn't matter when they release Red Dead Redemption 2, because it's going to fly off retail shelves no matter what month it's released it. The first game was a masterpiece. gotta make 2 days free when this game comes out so I can indulge in it's glory.

Z501395d ago

Just don't take time off for the multiplayer. Remember GTA5 online first week?

XanderZane395d ago

I'm not even thinking about the multiplayer mode. I'll be playing the SP until I've completed the game.

2pacalypsenow395d ago

SquareEnix should of done the same.

2pacalypsenow395d ago

Tomb Raider releasing at the same time as Fallout 4

_-EDMIX-_395d ago

@2pac- those are two vastly different games though.

2pacalypsenow395d ago

Right but RDR 2 is a much bigger game, any game releasing on that same day will suffer.

The New Far Cry could be in space and it would still suffer.

_-EDMIX-_395d ago

@2pac- OH I see what you mean.

In regards to just general releases.

rainslacker394d ago

Two totally different games, but MS had the marketing rights to both, and pretty much threw Square Enix under the bus with their marketing of ROTTR once they secured FO4.

MS got a good year...if that...of ways to hype it's system over PS4, and then didn't give two sh*ts once UC4 got delayed.

Square Enix should have thanked Sony for delaying UC4, but completely raked MS over the coals for how they handled the marketing for ROTTR. MS taking on FO4 marketing when it had the same release date as ROTTR is just unethical IMO.

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GamesMaster1982395d ago

Makes no difference when it comes out Because once it does it will eat every other game for breakfast and Rockstar knows it. So every other developer id be very scared if i were you.

HaveSumNuts395d ago

If the 90's were back there would be no DLC

2pacalypsenow395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

No but there would Expansion packs. Which were awesome.

FlameWater395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Remember that trash talking poster Ubisoft made for Watch Dogs, "two months are enough to visit San Andreas, Come to Chicago Nov 21" I guess the foot must still be stuck in the mouth

deafdani395d ago

I honestly didn't take that as trash talking. If anything, I thought it was the opposite: an acknowledgement that GTA is so big, everyone was going to be playing it, and that they can enjoy another "big" open world game a couple months later.

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The story is too old to be commented.