Kingdom Hearts 3 Will End Xehanort Saga, Series Will Continue After

In a recent interview at D23 by the Mirror, Tetsuya Nomura had a lot to say on the present and future of Kingdom Hearts.

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FallenAngel1984367d ago

We've always known this, it's nothing new

AspiringProGenji367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Yeah can't wait to play the next saga... With my grandson at my side

Munnkyman366d ago

I laughed so hard at this comment it woked up my baby.

-Foxtrot367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Just please...after they wrap things more spin off games.

The next trilogy should be made with consoles in mind. I see no reason why they can't do spin off games with a new cast of characters, it means they won't have to overlap with the original games story and make it more confusing.

A Girl/Boy to replace Sora

José Carioca, Panchito Pistoles or Launchpad McQuack to replace Donald

Horace Horsecollar or Max Goof to replace Goofy

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia to serve in Mickeys and Minnies Role

Antnee534367d ago

I surprisingly love that idea I would take
Girl, launchpad, max. That would be cool with Oswald, or maybe get Rodger rabbit lol

thatguyhayat366d ago

Someone get this to square enix quick

_-EDMIX-_366d ago

Be like (14 spinoff games later)

DigitalCentralMedia366d ago

All the games link into the story except coded. So there not really spin-off games

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MrSwankSinatra367d ago

I just want them to release the game already, so I don't have to hear about it not being released. Valve needs to release Half-Life 3 just to make people shut the hell up about it, sheesh.

-Gespenst-367d ago

Eh, I think they should finish it with 3 and move onto something new - a new series.

_-EDMIX-_366d ago


I see no reason to end the series especially considering how many Concepts It could spin off of.

This series could go in any direction it feels like it.

I don't even believe that the series even has any real forward progression in regards to time like consider sora's character is not some middle-aged guy lol

They'll be okay.

Mind you if you want a new series I'm pretty sure he could create another series but what does that have to do with Kingdom Hearts? Pretty sure they both could exist this is not an either-or.

-Gespenst-366d ago

If he created another series alongside KH, he'd be dividing his time and resources between two massive projects and both series might suffer for it. I mean, part of the reason KHIII has taken so long to release is for exactly this reason.

Either way, he has to end it eventually.

_-EDMIX-_366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

@Ges- Walt Disney dying didn't end his creations being worked on by others...

"If he created another series alongside KH, he'd be dividing his time and resources between two massive projects"

Who said he needs to make the next future KH titles?

The original FF Director is not directing the current FF titles and that series still exist and is breaking records.

"Either way, he has to end it eventually"

Not really.

He can move on, hand the team over to the next in line and work on something else.

You seriously think Square is stopping a money making machine like KH for 1 director? Are you high?


Is Konami ending Metal Gear cause Kojima's gone?

Oh wow, you got a lot to learn about business.

So "they" can make a KH game and Square can put another team on a new IP.

This isn't an either or.

Uncharted existing didn't suddenly mean The Last Of Us couldn't, heck after The Last Of Us 1, we got Uncharted 4 BY ANOTHER TEAM! Split the team and move on. New IP doesn't mean KILL existing IP. It legit makes zero sense.

I seriously don't know why you are not factoring that we can have both.

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