Press Start: I don't get the Kingdom Hearts craze

It's been announced the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III will release next year. Fans who grew up with the series are elated, but Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee doesn't get the craze.

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kalkano361d ago

I was initially intrigued by the concept of mixing Disney worlds and Final Fantasy characters. I played every game, including spin-offs, up until Dream Drop Distance on 3DS, while (im)patiently waiting for the next mainline game. But, over that long amount of time, I became more and more angry about Turn-Based games getting bastardized into Action games, and it became harder and harder for me to enjoy Action games as a result. Now, we're finally getting the next mainline game, and I no longer care. I've moved on, and actively avoid the vast majority of Action games (which, unfortunately, means the vast majority of games, in general).

I had completely lost track of the plot, anyway. Most convoluted, nonsensical plot ever.

ninsigma361d ago

What a stupid reason to no longer care about a game you like.

kalkano361d ago

That's the thing. I only sort of liked it, and Final Fantasy was a big reason. Then, Final Fantasy actually changed INTO Kingdom Hearts, and I lost all interest in that series. There is no longer any glue to hold it all together. Action games were always my least favorite genre, of the ones I actually played.

Unreal01361d ago


That was an uneccesary and rude reply. I completely agree kalkano, I still to this day don't understand much of the plot of Kingdom Hearts and I've played pretty much all of them.

ninsigma361d ago

Meh, Kalkano is always whinging about action games etc and how the gaming industry is dead because there's so few turn based games. And I don't think it's a stupid reason to stop liking something. If you just lose interest is one thing but stopping liking something you already because of an unrelated thing is just silly.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

"I became more and more angry about Turn-Based games getting bastardized into Action games, and it became harder and harder for me to enjoy Action games as a result"


Kingdom Hearts is always been an action RPG though so I'm not really sure why you would not play it based on something else entirely.

I don't mind playing action-rpgs I also don't mind playing turn-based RPGs I like them both for two completely different reasons so I see no real reason to get angry at Kingdom Hearts for something was never even meant to be in the first.

I mean to be honest you're getting mad at a game for a reason that has nothing to do with the game in general.

Kingdom Hearts as always hide a very bizarre out their complex storyline I'm simply going to replay some of the games in the collection before I buy Kingdom Hearts 3.

Trust me I like turn-based games just as much as you but I don't really see what good it's going to do to miss out on Kingdom Hearts based on a completely different situation

That's like saying I don't like a specific game going action-based vs turned base so I'm not going to play Metal Gear Solid or something lol

Turn-based games doesn't mean you have to automatically hate action I mean I'm playing both Concepts that simply means I'm playing in experiencing more.

I don't really see any benefits to playing less content...

InTheZoneAC361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Exactly. Complaints about a game despite complaining about things it has always had?

DarXyde361d ago

I see kalkano's point. They're saying that Kingdom Hearts was, once upon a time, its own thing. Then, RPGs became more action oriented in general. Now, it's more or less just like everything else, but with a convoluted plot. Valid concern.

Think of Shemue: it was unique with QTEs. Then everyone started using them. Now, Shenmue is just another game. The difference with Kingdom Hearts however is that it's essentially holding the direction of an entire genre hostage in a sense.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

@dar-except the core of Shenmue was not simply just QTE, just like the absolute core of Kingdom Hearts was not simply just action in terms of jumping and slashing with a sword.

I mean I'm sorry but that seems like very extreme descriptions.

I just don't believe that those specific features make up the game so much so that more games existing in the genre suddenly made the game absolutely nothing and less the value

My absolute reason I enjoy shenmue is not simply because of a but couple buttons showing up on screen.

My absolute reason I enjoy Kingdom art is not simply jumping and slashing with a sword.

Those are wildly exaggerative reasons for anyone to seriously dismiss a game.

Me playing Resident Evil 4 or God of War did not suddenly make shenmue irrelevant to me. Lol as if the only reason I played it was to watch buttons show up on screen and press it repeatedly lol

Just no.

I enjoy the Yakuza Series and that game is essentially the spiritual successor to shenmue and I'll still buy shenmue 3 day 1.

I mean are you guys as clueless as to not figure out that you actually could still like more than one game within a genre? Did you think that I hit my action-rpg cap or quota? 😂😂😂

Look at Nier, do you think I'm not buying Kingdom Hearts simply because I already played another action-rpg? Seriously tell me you guys are not trying to say simply one element has now made the whole game ???

Kingdom Hearts was not the first action RPG , action RPGs existed before Kingdom Hearts they're going to exist after Kingdom Hearts. Again action RPG was not exclusive to Kingdom Hearts and I don't believe I enjoy that game simply because there were not other action RPGs because that's completely false. Games are not Successful by default IE because nothing else exists their successful because they're doing something correct.

Simply jumping in slashing does not equate to 100% of the enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts that is not only a wild stupid assumption it's completely disrespectful to developers to even try to make it sound as if such a thing makes their entire game.

If you're buying your games based on your jump or slash quota that's on you but I don't buy my games because of such stupid reasons.

Be like "I hit my cap of first person shooters that have machine guns, can't play Doom " lol

DarXyde361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


I disagree... pretty much entirely. You say QTEs do not comprise the core of Shenmue and say the same applies to Kingdom Hearts being an action RPG. Following your logic, I was right to compare the two. Glad we agree there, but no. Kingdom Hearts being an action RPG is PRECISELY the core of the game. Shenmue was not defined by QTEs per se, but it is an indefinite staple because it pioneered their use. Some games depends on them almost exclusively (i.e., Telltale games) and, consequently they are not special anymore. That is the point; they were limited to specific games and now we are seeing a saturation of these types of games. Kingdom Hearts had its own identity. Then plenty of JRPGs followed suit and made action RPGs, as if piggybacking its success (like Shenmue and QTEs). They are not unique anymore. Remember when open world games were looked forward to because there weren't too many? This generation feeds on them in games that never cared for it before like Metal Gear Solid and even Ghost Recon.

And frankly, Final Fantasy had no business turning into an action RPG. That's not why people loved it. The PSOne games were great. The PS2 entries were great. XIII was a misstep and XI and XIV were MMOs which is fine. But then they try correcting the next main title after the XIII saga by making it like Kingdom Hearts? That was an awful move; the game itself wasn't horrible, but it wasn't amazing either. Not even close in quality to the likes of X or XII if you ask me. There's a reason Persona 5 handed XV a loss: because it stayed true to itself and expanded upon what made it great. XV, and other JRPGs lately, just borrow the action RPG formula in hopes of doing well abroad. I hope they reconsider the potential direction of the franchise. That's not what FF is.

DarXyde361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


To address the other parts of your post...

Yes, Yakuza is a spiritual successor to Shenmue and is acceptable because WE HAVEN'T HAD A SHENMUE GAME IN OVER A DECADE. Despite being awful, Mighty No. 9 would be acceptable because he haven't had a Megaman in ages. Kingdom Hearts consistently releases new games, but we are only now seeing the third numbered entry. There is no shortage of this game.

Nier Automata is not a good comparison. More than anything, it plays like a Platinum game. We expect that. Square has basically blurred the line between Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts which is problematic. They are two distinct franchises from the same developer that, once upon a time, was meant to scratch a certain itch. Yes, you might say that Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are somewhat synonymous because of the characters used, but that, in principle, would make Kart racing in Zelda okay because Link was in Mario Kart 8. No.

And obviously, you can enjoy more than one game in a genre. The point I'm trying to convey is to NOT alter preexisting franchises like Final Fantasy and to explain why Kalkano doesn't care for Kingdom Hearts anymore. Everything else is subjective, but I happen to agree with them.

Lastly, no one is assuming that "jumping in and slashing" is what makes the entire Kingdom Hearts existence. How you arrived at that conclusion is bewildering, but I don't particularly care either so spare me the explanation. What I am saying is that it is a considerable portion of the experience. If you do not like the combat, you will not like the game. If you like the combat with gripes elsewhere, you probably like the game, despite its caveats.

I don't care to drag this out. If you do not understand or do not agree, simply disagree. It seems straightforward to me yet we're going off on tangents.

I will agree to disagree.

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AspiringProGenji361d ago

After Playing Persona 5, I get what you mean. We need more turn base games.

Still Kingdom Hearts may be the only action RPG series I can excuse for it. Final Fantasy XV was trash.

InTheZoneAC361d ago

Kingdom hearts has always been an action rpg, but I'm assuming you've never played so why make such a comment?

AspiringProGenji361d ago

That is why I said it is the only action rpg series I excuse and actually enjoy. I have been paying KH since the PS2 days and actually have every collection of games. I am a big fan actually

Kingthrash360361d ago

While I disagree, I have to agree with the baster bastardizing of turn based combat.
I can't understand this new action gamplay when it takes away from the role playing aspect. Most action rpgs force you to use one character while the rest are a controlled..doing it this way frenzied the combat. Especially when everyone is doing flashy moves at the same find yourself button mashing. No longer do you build each character, strategically using them one at a time and watching awesome flashy moves when they happen. Choosing Wethersfield you use a magic guy or a healer....or whatever. You only role play one character and eND uliking one character. I remember in ffX I liked ALL of the characters and cared for them. That bond made the stor that much greater....where in action games you feel like you are this one character surrounded by bots. It's like a mmo but with ai.
I miss true RPG''s
This is why persona 5 is so great. Nobody asked for turn based games to die, I don't get development teams sometimes...especially in this. Ff7 remake without turnbased fights just sounds dumb to me. That system is a staple.

InTheZoneAC361d ago

Kh was never turned based for all the main iterations

jznrpg361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

There are a lot of turn based rpgs available, though most are on Vita and some on 3DS

ninsigma361d ago

If you were only partly into it fair enough but I just can't see why you would let what's happening with something else affect how you like something.

AspiringProGenji361d ago

It is the result of how action is ruining the RPG genre. I agree with him in that regard. I don't mind few still being action, but it is the reason behing devs abandoning turn base what disturbs me. They should take Persona 5 as an example

ninsigma361d ago

How is it ruining the RPG genre??
I would say it's more devs just aren't putting the work in to make good turn based games. Arpg is the most popular rpg style, that's just the way it is, but if a dev is making a turn based game then they should be doing a good job of it.

Now to be fair our opinions of a good turn based game may differ greatly. Weekend just gone I got world of final fantasy. Not a fan of basic mode but put it into classic mode and it's good fun. Not sure how hard core tb fans think of it though. Still need to play Persona 5. It's on the list. Looks amazing though.

kalkano361d ago

To everyone saying, "but Kingdom Hearts was never Turn-Based". I know that. That's not the point. Re-read.

TheOttomatic91361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Yes that's fine but your argument can be summed up to "this game is a JRPG that doesn't have turn based combat, so it SUCKS 😠"

Perhaps that's not your intention but you definitely come off that way. If so that is a very silly stance to take, just because a JRPG (or any game genre for that matter) doesn't match what you specifically want doesn't automatically make it bad or disappointing.

InTheZoneAC360d ago

Well people need to stop using this game as a reason to dislike because it's not turn based. This comment section was literally hijacked into something off topic

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bluefox755361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I'm in the same boat. I tried the original game for a few hours many years ago, and it didn't do anything for me. I assumed it was because I never had any interest in or attachment to Disney characters. I'd like to give it another try though one of these days, and see if I can learn what all of the fuss is about.

InTheZoneAC361d ago

If you don't like action rpgs or Disney then don't play it because your opinion won't change. Trying to save you money

armchairDev361d ago

I don't understand why people think that playing with kids disney characters is fun in an rpg..

InTheZoneAC361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I'm playing kingdom hearts 1 for the first time and am onto the 3rd world/boss now. The beginning is always slow but it picks up.

If you don't like action rpgs, square, or Disney then it's not for you. I'm not understanding why certain people have to say they don't get the craze if they never did care for the composition of the game. Obviously they wouldn't like it....

I've played a bunch of kh2 but am trying to catch up for kh3's release and that also means I need to buy kh2.8

And from the little I've seen of kh3's, overall gameplay and controls look indefinitely improved. So if you're trying these older games you have to understand not everything is going to be perfect by today's standards but they're still fun games with lots of cutscenes that you can skip if that's your thing.

Just get off the first area and the first world where you experience different Disney world, only takes 2 hours max, even if you do more than you need in the opening area.

ninsigma361d ago

Combat in fragmentary passage is the best in the series imo so if KH3 is the same I'm delighted!

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

So the author doesn't get the craze? Who cares?

Don't understand? Were they supposed to automatically like every single series that exist within gaming?

Pookandpie361d ago

I played KH1 when it came out on PS2 back in the day, but I wasn't a tremendous fan of it back then for some reason or another (I got the game a few months late and was really big into the Tales of games back then). KH2 completely changed my opinion of the franchise, however, as was something I played through three or four times- I loved it. Form changes were the beeeeest.

Then I played the various spin offs, the card game one, the one with Roxas that was mission-based and I recall absolutely none of its story because it was too slowly drip-fed, the one on the PSP that I really enjoyed, and the 3DS one too. Then I played a few of them again on the PS3- good times.

I still don't know what the hell is happening in the story. I think that basically every bad guy is Xehanort, who used to be Ansem, except he wasn't actually Ansem, he was Xehanort. Eh, hell with it, I'll read the wiki again before KHIII comes out, I guess.

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