My revisit on Puppeteer

Puppeteer tells story of Kutaro; a puppet who ended up in midst of an crazy adventure that nobody wouldn’t ever believe! The story starts of Little Bear who stole a Moon Goddesses Moonstone and magical scissors, Calibrus. After that he named himself as Moon Bear King and smashed the Moonstone into pieces and handed over a piece to each of his Generals so they would gain power and they all could reign the world.

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PhoenixUp305d ago

This was a great game that was offered on PS+

Soulst0rmer304d ago

I love papercraft games:
Kitty's Epic Yarn
Paper Mario

I am looking forward to getting Yoshi on Switch next year!

FullmetalRoyale302d ago

I haven't played all of those, but I agree on the ones that I have played. There's just something really fun about that aesthetic.

SCW1982304d ago

This game was such a great late edition to the PS3. Loved everything about it.

BioDead304d ago

This is one of my favourite too. It should be ported to PS4 or maybe even Puppeteer 2?

Protagonist303d ago

I've seen the retail version on sale but did not buy it, now I regret it, cause the demo was awesome.

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