10 games that will destroy your PS4's hard drive space

These games will fill your poor PS4's HDD in no time.

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PhoenixUp336d ago

Yeezus there used to be a time when 500GB seemed like enough for a time.

Not even my 4TB HDD seems like it'll be sustainable.

DarkZane335d ago

4TB is more than enough. Even 2TB is enough but you might need to delete stuff eventually. I should have gotten 2TB when PS4 came out instead of 1TB, because with 1TB, I really have to delete stuff often.

RosweeSon335d ago

2TB isn't much better 4 years down the line got mine on launch and yeah 4TB would be nice 2 is manageable but yeah 3/4TB would have been ideal for me.

UnHoly_One335d ago

I have 9 TB of space on my Xbox One and nearly 4 TB of it is filled right now. And I have deleted a few games that I know I'll never play again.

So, 4TB is not "more than enough".

_-EDMIX-_335d ago

Can you imagine this gen with 4K titles?

Can you imagine NEXT GEN?

InTheZoneAC335d ago

Next gen is going to require one 8TB external and one 2TB internal

_-EDMIX-_335d ago

@InThe- lol exactly hopefully Sony and Microsoft given okay for allowing internal hard drives more than two terabyte.

InTheZoneAC335d ago

I just wish they would allow us to fit an internal 3.5" drive, that way we're not already maxing the internal drive from the get go

_-EDMIX-_335d ago

Absolutely agreed I at least want this system to accommodate for larger hard drives at least by choice.

Don't get me wrong the designs that I've seen for larger hard drive bay is 100% doable but I would just like to see a design by Sony and Microsoft officially for those options.

I just don't see me realistically connecting an external to my Playstation 4 for life as it just seems a bit ridiculous and over-the-top I'm actually thinking about simply just getting a bigger harddrive in buying that fancy 3.5 hard drive bay lol

I don't like the way it makes the PlayStation 4 look but it's much more of a reasonable option than connecting an external every single time I want to play a game.

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Jmanzare335d ago

My 5tb is a 90% capacity. Still so many games on the way too

Fullmetalevolust335d ago

Could some of you point me out to a great external HDD for the PS4?
Right now I am looking at the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB, it claims to be compatible with the PS4.
Anything cheaper for the same performance? what do you guys think?

Quetzll335d ago

Couldn't people just delete games they aren't playing anymore?

InTheZoneAC335d ago

Couldn't people just sell games they aren't playing anymore?

Quetzll335d ago


Is that a real question or am i supposed to infer what you actually mean?

UnHoly_One335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Yes, but unless you are one of those that never goes back and replays games you will have to go through the download and installation again when you want to go back to a game that you deleted.

Sam Fisher335d ago

Battlefield, that game is king of rape space

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RosweeSon335d ago

GTA V yep... doom yep did have battlefield 4 but had to go also Cod infinite warfare is a beast I actually quite enjoyed it (campaign) but need that to access my modern warfare remaster both a solid 60gb best part of 120gb for them 2 😩🙄 luckily it takes seconds to install discs on PS4.

chris235335d ago

so, as underwhelming as this gen is, there should be no trouble with a 500gb hard drive. so many remasters no one needs, so many sequels someone else can pay for and be bored with them. i am fine with my terabyte. will never ever be able to fill it up when then industry keeps bein as lame as it is.

Darkwatchman335d ago

I have 2TB and constantly find myself deciding what to delete to make space for new games. There are way too many good video games and different and varied experiences. Got to love video games and variety.

Fishy Fingers335d ago

Thankfully storage is cheap as chips these days. If you have a decent collection or play multiple games at one time you should just upgrade.

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