Brian Fargo: VR Has Lots of Passion Behind It, Unlike Kinect Which Felt Forced

inXile CEO Brian Fargo is a big believer in VR thanks to the huge passion behind it. He compared that with Microsoft's Kinect, which felt "forced" instead.

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odderz370d ago

Kinect could've been something amazing with more accuracy, but alas, we got what we got. VR is something a lot more studios are getting involved in, so it really goes without saying.

lxeasy370d ago

Yeah I think forcing it with the Xbox One at launch was a bad idea, they should have given the consumer the choice to buy it.

Zeref370d ago

and look how it ended up... Peripherals usually don't do well as add-on accessories.

Babadook7370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Agreed. I'm passionate about psvr.

@ Zeref
But Kinect did better as a peripheral than packing it in to the xbone no? Problem was either way it was a fad. Vr is the opposite of a fad. It will keep building and getting better.

Skull521369d ago

I am not convinced that gaming is the best application of VR tech.

I'd recommend everyone try it but I'd never recommend anyone buy it.

lxeasy369d ago

@zeref had it been an optional accessories it would have done better

mochachino369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Forcing it with XB1 arguably cost MS the generation. Most people weren't interested in Kinect and being forced to pay for it. The decision was easy, $400 for more hardware power and 99% of the same games. Or $500 for less hardware power and 99% of the same games that generally look a bit worse and a glorified $100 plus voice control device.

A $399.99 PS4 vs a $329.99 XB1 would have made launch, and as it turned out, this generation much more interesting.

By the time xbox adjusted, it was too late. Everyone's friend and friend's friends was saying get PS4 and many people get what their friends have to play online and trade games. In this gen in particular with the emphasis on social online play, launch was where the battle was won. It all just snowballed from there.

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370d ago
Cybermario370d ago

kinect had potential just like VR, but yeah MS did everything wrong with that technology, pure wasted potential, will happen the same to VR if developers dont release proper software for it

freshslicepizza370d ago

But it hardl;y enhanced the games or made it better with Kinect. It had its moments like Dance Central but people don't want to fight with the controls. VR actually enhanced the immersion without sacrificing gameplay. You can still play with a regular controller and the accuracy of VR can be very good.

mcstorm370d ago

It depends on how you look at it. Kinect could of been used with VR for head tracking.

Also kinect worked well for some games that used controllers. Steel battalion was one of them. Ok you need the right setup which I did and it worked but I do think kinect 2 would of been better for that games.

It also never got tapped into this gen look what pc Devs have done with both kinect one and two. For me I still don't see them both being the next big thing in gaming because people are stuck in their ways but also why do people want to put a headset on Every time they want to game and on the flip side why spend £400+ for a device that is only used in one or 2 games just like kinect.

I do see the good things with be but for me it's not gaming just like AR is also not for gaming and in a way the same with kinect

Apocalypse Shadow370d ago

[email protected]! Upside down day. I agree with moldy again.

Kinect could have launched with better hardware. I think when Microsoft decided to not use the chip and instead used Xbox 360 and software for motion tracking, it came out weaker than it could have been. And with Xbox one,it was forced and made some gamers back off from buying something they didn't want with their console. But to get more support, it did make sense to launch with the system so that every developer had the knowledge that everyone had it. It's a tough call to make.

But everything is hindsight now.

UltraNova370d ago

Apocalypse Shadow,

It would have been a pretty easy decision if they launched at 399 with the Kinect included, not 500(we all know MS can take the loss).

DarXyde370d ago


Mmm, maybe. Remember now, Kinect being bundled with Xbox One as a mandatory peripheral was about more than price. It was right around the time Microsoft was collaborating with the NSA and handing them encrypted user data that we learned about Kinect being mandatory. There were security concerns and trust issues.

That was actually a huge reason why I waited for them to sell the console standalone.

segamaniaco369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

VR TOTALLY sacrifices the gameplay

Look at RE7, it was made very slow-paced because of vr

You cant play a VR game like a normal game

VR doesnt work with some kinds of games like street fighter, mario, fifa etc

It has several issues in all departments: graphics, gameplay, hardware (tracking cameras, proper controls, wires etc)

VR has potencial but needs A LOT of R&D for gameplay and for hardware parts

Someday it will be mastered, if the market doesnt lose the interest until then

VR is way more complex than kinect

Starting with children below 12y cant use it (its not recommended), motion sickness issues, stuffs that limit the general audience

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mochachino369d ago

VR prices simply need to come down, with a low price, it only takes a 1 amazing game to sell devices. And that would be like nothing else directly as a result of the medium.

If Valve wanted, they could launch VR into the mainstream and then the stratosphere with a $400 device with higher resolution and Half Life 3.

I can't even imagine how much energy would be generated in the gaming world from such an announcement. It would be immeasurable.

I have faith, next couple of GPU gens should provide enough power at mainstream prices.

KaiPow370d ago

PSVR allows for more passive experiences, like just floating around in the sea. You couldn't get that with the Kinect. That one required too much active interaction for true immersion.

Aurenar370d ago

VR is useless, like the Kinect. Give me keyboard, mouse, gamepad, 60 fps and nothing else. Thank You Brian.

Goldby370d ago

this may be hard to believe, but you can use a keyboard, and a mouse or a gamepad with VR.

MegamanXXX370d ago

I'm surprised he didn't know that 😁

BadElf370d ago

He said "Give me keyboard, mouse, gamepad, 60fps and nothing else."
"..and nothing else." = VR
I see it as @Aurenar simply stating he likes all that he listed...without VR.

Just curious how you got to your response, after reading his comment?

Goldby369d ago


i saw the nothing else, after the 15 minutes was up so i couldnt edit.

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xenz370d ago

And also, all VR games requires 60 fps as the bare minimum. So your comment turned into a comedy than anything else.

BadElf370d ago

What was his comment? Was it edited or something? Because I don't see what your talking about...being "a comedy"?

Godmars290370d ago

Kinect was advertised as a full on upgrade and total enhancement where VR is its own thing.

ccgr370d ago

I'm enjoying VR so far, more pleasant experiences than otherwise

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