Gravity Rush 2 free falls in price to $39.99

Have you been waiting on Gravity Rush 2? Now is the time to go all in Kat and Raven's Adventure.

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FallenAngel1984397d ago

I love how Sony can drop the price on their first party titles in a timely manner, unlike Nintendo

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InKnight7s396d ago

Now Nintendo dropping prices? Since when? Wii U didn't at all neither the games. 3DS forced into 5 month after release cup price, because it was failing so hard with that insane 250$.

AspiringProGenji396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are still full price lol. I'm not kidding. Pre owner at gamestop are $50. Do Nintendo think their games are made of gold

gokuking396d ago

This game shouldn't have been PS4 exclusive. Many Japanese publishers develop capable multi-platform games with Vita. Apparently, the company that created the hardware were incapable of doing that.

AspiringProGenji396d ago

This is much bigger than the first. I doubt the Vita would run it.

CernaML396d ago

Yeah uhh.. none of those games are really pushing the limits of any hardware.

Asuka396d ago

Really great game. Was worth the $60 USD on release imo. Anyone who has been slightly interested should definitely check it out.

AspiringProGenji396d ago

Played the game twice and topped over a hundred hrs total ans platinumed too. Totally worth the $60 I paid. $39.99 is a steal for the quality and content in this game

Get it. I Totally recommend it!

TheOttomatic91396d ago

As much as I enjoyed the first game this one should've $40 from launch it's not really a AAA game but a solid B level game nonetheless.