The Co-op Podcast 212: Will 2018 Be a Bigger Year for Video Games?

Gary Swaby at writes: Welcome back to The Co-op Podcast. Disney’s D23 delivered a shocking update on Kingdom Hearts III that revealed a release window of 2018. With this in mind, is 2018 set to be a bigger year for video games than 2017? We discuss this and more news from Disney D23.

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rbailey308d ago

2017 has been a great standout year for gaming so far but I have a feeling 2018 will be even better. If games like Spider-Man, God of War, Kingdom Hearts III, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more don't get delayed into 2019, then I think next year will definitely be even more memorable.

Maxemole308d ago

Both this year and next have RIDICULOUS lineups. Lucky time to be gamers.

sagesurge308d ago

I'm looking forward to GoW

Romudeth308d ago

2018 will definitely be a good year.

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