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Gary Bailey: "Whatever we get from the free Not A Hero and the as-yet-untitled paid DLC, it will be great just to get more story content for one of this year’s best games. It will certainly be nice to see whether that really is Chris Redfield, or if the crazy fan theories have any weight to them."

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CorndogBurglar246d ago

Its pretty obvious why Chris is working for Umbrella. Umbrella was disbanded affer RE 3. It seems obvious to me thay Umbrella has been rebuilt and repurposed to be an organization for good. Using their research on BOW's would be a huge help. Also, notice the logo is now blue instead of the more ominous red.

As for Chris not being a muscle-bound brute anymore, I'm pretty sure its just a different artistic take on the character. This game had a more realistic take on the art style than the previous games. I think thats all it is.

Soulst0rmer246d ago

I just want some good story DLC. I got the deluxe edition and I think the DLC sucks. Resident Evil 7 though as the main campaign is one of the best games I've played this year.

CrimsonWing69246d ago

I 100% agree. I was so against this game up until its release and I absolutely loved the main game... not as much as the classics, but as the modern takes go, this is definitely one of the betters.

However, the, man. It's so off putting, boring, and really frustrating if you're trying to 100% the game and get all the cheevos/trophies.