9 Fantastic PS4 Games You’ve Probably Not Played (But Should)

Sean @ FG: With at least 5 games releasing each week (and as many as 11 some weeks!) it’s easier than ever for some great games to fly under the radar. With that in mind, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the fantastic PS4 games that we don’t think get the recognition or adoration they deserve.

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FTLmaster66d ago

Armello is the bee's gonads.

66d ago
psplova66d ago

I can certainly vouch for Mad Max. That was a damn fine game. I hope they make another game AND movie.

Razzer66d ago

Agree. Mad Max was severely underrated

Lon3wolf66d ago

Alienation was a great PS+ game.

Palitera66d ago

Housemarque games are all top notch. Alienation is a contender for best game on PS4 imo.

slappy50866d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Ill need to give zombie vikings and mad max a go. Anyone have any comments on mad max?

nondescriptcitizen66d ago

I couldnt put mad max down , its simple yet engrossing

slappy50865d ago

Great Im going to give it a shot, the gameplay looks fun, and the game is pretty much cheap anyways

Palitera66d ago

Very cool and very repetitive. A rent will probably be enough, since with 20% completion, the game completely stops showing anything new.
Again, a very nice and beautiful game, but sadly underdesigned.

Razzer66d ago

Some of the best car combat in video games.

slappy50865d ago

That sounds pretty awesome, can you customize your whip to give you an edge in combat?

Razzer65d ago

There are a ton of weapon and car upgrades

psplova66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It's one of the best open world games I've ever played... and I try and play them all, for the most part.. It's really immersive, graphics are really polished and just a whole lot of fun from beginning to end. I was really into finding all the loot in every location I went into. It's nice cause it'll tell you when you've fully looted a location so you know when to move on. Got close to platinum'n this one but I think there was a set of races I didn't care to try and mess with at the time.. Might go back one of these days cause I got so close.. I loved Mad Max.

guyman66d ago

Trust me you will enjoy mad max

slappy50866d ago

Mostly positive, thanks guys!

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Imalwaysright66d ago

A list with some games I've never heard of and look really good. More articles like this one please.

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The story is too old to be commented.