The Big Question: Will Developers Fully Utilize The Power of Xbox One X?

Arjun: "The One X can do 4K. The PS4 Pro...kinda can as well. Both of these are immensely powerful machines, compared to what’s come before in the console space."

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thekhurg127d ago

Some will, the vast majority won't.

DaDrunkenJester127d ago

Mainly the big companies and 1st party will, but smaller studios and PC ports likely won't bother making a difference.

Eonjay127d ago

People mistake utilization for optimization. Folks for use it for sure. Thats not the same as optimizing for a specific hardware. The reason it happens is because devs have to make multiple versions of a game for systems. Thats why fundamentally, they are all the same. This isn't like SNES and Genesis days.

dcbronco127d ago

PC already has the 4k assets so they are likely to do it.

indysurfn127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Microsoft has to take the lead with HALO and GEARS and FORZA on this front. Looks like they are off to a good start with Forza.

inveni0126d ago

If XBox One X was not backward compatible for all games, I'd probably jump onboard. But all I see is something that improves resolution. PC has been dealing with this for ages. Sure, there are some settings that can improve draw distance and such, but the bottom line is that we are held back by the lowest common denominator. And since One X games are on PC, too, then the Xbox One X version still wouldn't be the best version in my house.

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arkard127d ago

Same story as the Pro. As long as the base consoles are mandated use neither the Pro or X will reach their full potential.

alb1899127d ago

It seems like the third party developers are in too. A lot of news about third party giving love to the X1X I have read....even in N4G.

Bigpappy127d ago

Yeah. A lot more early support than I expected. I have over 70 games to choose from already and it's still months away from release.

nativegoku127d ago

Here are the people who live on this website and love everything xbox.

Bobafret127d ago

I feel the tools provided will make it easier than you think, I am optimistic.

thekhurg127d ago

Developers always take the path of least resistance except for a few games here and there. It'll be just upscaled version of Xbox one games. It won't be a fully optimized masterpiece like gamers deserve.

joab777127d ago

This. Most 1st party will and others will do what they can.

XStation4pio_Pro127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

well... not true. studios build assets high rez and optimize them down for performance. I know this because I create and have created a lot of this stuff myself. Its a complete non-issue for studios to take higher rez assets and use them in a particular QA target. its easy. Just like how devs say its easy to beef up ps4 pro enhanced games. Game consoles are completely x86 architecture now (except the switch), all game modern game engines are scalable and its simply not hard for devs to hit more targets. they got forza running on a one x in a day. they ported dx12 forza to pc in a day. forzatech engine has full 4k asset support and ultra graphics settings... this is important but its also not unique to forzatech. in fact all current builds of Frostbite, Unity, Unreal etc all support the same stuff. its a non-issue. Devs literally just push the settings till it breaks and walk it back. Rather than building for the Xbox One, they'll start with the One X from now on and then optimize it down to the One S. This is practical for time AND money, since optimized assets are easier to make from higher rez assets vs the other way around. literally less work, less money and more result/availability to target One X first. the rest is gravy.

Obscure_Observer127d ago


"Some will, the vast majority won't."

I think you´re wrong since to invest on X or Pro will benefit them in a great way. You see, there´s thousand of games released every year to many platforms and we as gamers, as much as we desire to be informed about every each one of them, we can´t keep the track of them all.

So imo, if you´re are smart, you´ll want your game to shine! Spread the good news, go and tell to IGN, Kotaku, Polygon, Gamespot that your game is supporting PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and its instant news and highlight. Gamers will be aware of your game and they will want to know more about it, be that by reading or watching a video. The potential is there and your game most definelly will benefit from it.

thekhurg127d ago

There are 60+ million base PS4 and like 20 something million xbones out there. There are a fraction of that of Pro and will be a fraction of Scorpio consoles on the market.

Developers are going to focus where the user base is not where there are only a small group of gamers.

Obscure_Observer127d ago


"Developers are going to focus where the user base is not where there are only a small group of gamers."

Focus? Base console versions is a given! There´s a reason why those devs has been so vocal about support for the X and Pro. If Project Cars II can´t run at 1080p 60fps on the base consoles, they will not spend lots of time and effort trying to optimize it to lower end consoles.They will just offer that option on Pro and X then call it a day.

segamaniaco127d ago

They wont use 4k assets if the xbox x cant run the game above 2k checkerboard like AC, Anthem, Destiny 2 and others

Zeref127d ago

Actually I've seen a lot of support from big studios and small. It certainly already has more support than the PS4 Pro does.

JasonKCK127d ago

thekhurg, your comment should read "I hope they won't"

XanderZane127d ago

Most will, some won't. Especially if they are 3rd party PC games coming to XB1X. Some smaller Indie studios probably won't bother, but the BIG Boys will use all the power.

MegamanXXX127d ago

The disagrees in from Xbox fanboys :)

JasonKCK127d ago

The agrees in from Sony fanboys :)

I mean trolls

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JonnS127d ago

If they want to put out the best looking game and show what they are capable of doing , I see no reason why they shouldn't

thekhurg127d ago

Developers don't care about that as much as we do. They're more focused on creating a scalable engine that runs at their target fps and resolution.

JonnS127d ago

That's a bit naïve but as developer they are looking to create an engine that will do & go along with whatever project they tackle , Nothing wrong w/ that.
Yet as a consumer I want beautiful games & great game play and want to see what studios are capable of now .

nativegoku127d ago

are you really proud of your ignorance? your opinion isn't law and is not fact. wtf man..

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Bigpappy127d ago

You don't think other developers are looking at the attention Anthem, metro, assassin's Creed, Forza... Are getting since E3 and and not wanting the same for their projects? All you will see after it releases this holiday are 3rd party, not partnered with Sony, displaying the X version. to promote it.

thekhurg127d ago

At the end of the day most developers are at the mercy of deadlines and publishers. They have to get multiple platforms up and running. It's not being naive or anything. It's being realistic.

Disagree all you guys want but watch it all unfold exactly how I've said. They don't care about the same stuff that we do. EA sure doesn't give a crap neither does ativision or Ubisoft. Bethesda doesn't. Crytek does in terms of graphical showpiece games but their stuff suffers in other areas.

You aren't going to see games take full advantage of this system. It's just not going to happen. DF said as much in their coverage where MS is simply targeting 4K resolution bumps for Xbox one versions of games. That's it. Developers don't have the time or the care to go through everything else required to take full advantage of a system unless they're releasing their game ONLY on the system.

Kiwi66127d ago

So devs don't want to have great looking games now, thought that was what they all strived for

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Derceto127d ago

Simply look at the history of most powerful consoles. Chances are, first party games will, most third party will not. LCD tends to run the show.

Eldyraen127d ago

So original Xbox? ;)

That's why we will see more native 4k games on X. X is a bigger upgrade than pro while day one system was the weakest. So in a sense Xbox will see both the lowest and highest quality games this gen (resolution wise).

I like my Xbox and will be picking up an X, but resolution wise (as assets are the same, but output is different sometimes) the base One is marginally weaker than the PS4 which is why resolution has dipped further in some cases.

I doubt we will see a ton of upgrades beyond what PC or Pro gets either way. Most often resolution and now and again textures or other boosts (especially if also on pc as better assets are more likely already made for pc in mind). Not expecting a huge difference from most companies though but we will see more native 4k games on x simply due to Xbox power difference while being both the LCD and HCD this generation upon the X's release.

JasonKCK127d ago

Odd considering most devs gave the base PS4 more love. That's Sony so it doesn't count right?

aconnellan127d ago

Yep - for every game release over the last 4 years it's been "runs at 'X' resolution on the Xbox and 'y' on the PS4", as well as meticulous graphics comparisons that all come to the conclusion that the PS4 always has the better version because it's more powerful.

Why would devs stop doing that now? Pretty dumb question if you ask me

Destiny1080127d ago

they will take full advantage if its easy to do so

KickSpinFilter127d ago

No the common denominator is the org PS4 and XB1. Pro & XB1X will be held back due to parity. I would imagine 1st party will push It very hard on the mid level systems.