Score a new PS4 DualShock controller for just $38

It’s time to stock up on new PS4 controllers because eBay is hawking them at just $38.

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nitus10314d ago

I suggest being very careful since the links to the "cheap DS4 controller" show them at $59.99 USD.

Personally, I prefer getting controllers at a bricks and mortar place since you can be pretty sure the controller is genuine and you do get a twelve-month warranty on them.

yomfweeee314d ago

Stock up on controllers? Really? This controller is $40 quite often and has been as low as $32 before.

Currently link shown in the article also has $59.99 as the price. So much for writing a pointless article about a freaking sale price.

InTheZoneAC314d ago

Not saying this is it, but avoid sellers with 0 feedback as their under $30 new controllers are either fake or you will never receive an item. I also avoid sellers outside the US for this stuff.

MrFisher21314d ago

I see them on FB Market for 25 still sealed daily. This is a joke.

yomfweeee314d ago

No, you don't. I'm sure you see something like

Where the seller has literally 1 feedback. His image doesn't match the model number listed either. CUH-ZCT1 is the old model

SlyFoxC313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Or go to bestbuy and get this - -

It is currently 30 bucks in store.