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In depth review of the new DLC 'Master Trials Pack 1" for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


"Aptly named ‘the Master Trials’, this first piece of a two part season pass introduces plenty of new challenges to sink our teeth into, whilst also bundling in some snazzy new costumes and helpful quality of life improvements. The following content drop, releasing later this year, is to be a more traditional, story based offering, but to get your hands on either you’ll have to grab the pass, which is going to be a frustrating expenditure for players who don’t care about increased challenge and simply want some more core content. Still, it’s a modestly priced season pass by contemporary standards and really, if you love BOTW you likely fell in love with its gleefully challenging gameplay, so I can’t see it alienating too many players. The ‘Trials’ portion of the DLC is probably where most players are going to get their moneys worth here: it’s a gauntlet of 45 arena battles that get significantly harder as you progress."

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