Switch lottery lines in Japan reached new levels of insanity this weekend

NE: "The Switch stock situation isn’t so great around the world. But if you thought it was difficult finding a system in the west, you should be thankful that you’re not living in Japan."

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moldybread36d ago

I guess the question is how long before Nintendo becomes competant in making enough to meet demand? Last month they shipped less than 200k in North America.

Neonridr35d ago

it definitely sucks for Nintendo.. demand is there. But keep these people waiting too long and it's possible they may move on..

Nintendo needs to be cranking these factories at ludicrous speed to catch up.

Trilithon35d ago

Nintendo should know this by now lol. maybe they doubted themselves

Erik735735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Na lol

Makes me want it more

Only n4g will spin a console that has to much demand into Nintendo being incompetent but in reality Sony would dream of a portable with even half this amount of demand

Neonridr35d ago

@Erik7357 - oh I totally agree. I just mean imagine how much more Nintendo could have sold to this point had they actually had stock available.

rocketpanda35d ago


Nintendo is incompetent. Yes they have a successful console but they are still incompetent. They sold more the NES classic to scalpers to people who actually tried buying them, only then to stop manufacturing them altogether.

They couldn't even handle region amiibo distribution making some so damn hard to get but in other regions so easy and still do.

It's no different with the Switch. A good system managed by an incompetent company.

Sirk7x35d ago

They can't acquire enough chips to meet demand. There's a world-wide shortage of NAND flash, as companies that manufacture can't keep up with demand. It's affecting many businesses and consumers.

Eulderink34d ago

problem is the factories are allready at full speed, the twist is, it is for other costomers.
i read about it, like 2 weeks ago, dk if true ofcourse.

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XanderZane35d ago

Crazy Japanese gamers love their handheld systems. Maybe Microsoft should release a handheld only for Japan market. They probably still wouldn't buy it. I'd never wait in a line that long for anything. The longest I've waited in a line was just over 2-1/2 hours on Black Friday to buy something at Fry's Electronics and at Disney's Epcot to ride Soarin' ride. That's it. When I finally decide to get a Switch it will be readily available.

letsa_go35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Microsoft easily has the means of doing so. Widen the xbox one controller, drop in a screen and hardware from one of their phones, link it to xbox live, allow game streaming from pc/xbox one, and include all their arcade/indie titles. Done!

XanderZane35d ago

Yeah, but would gamers actually but it?

indysurfn35d ago

@letsa_go you would need a lot of code to support that. A LOT!

That would be the small task. The large task would be to have EXCLUSIVES that Japan wants to play. Oh wait
they dont even have that in their console. So that it off your drawing board.

letsa_go33d ago

I missed "only for Japan market". You're right, that wouldn't sell. haha Might sell here would probably sell somewhere between the zune and the kin phone. :)

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letsa_go35d ago

I hate when I agree with you. jk

moldybread35d ago

It's contagious, people just don't want to admit it.

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Summons7535d ago

The manufacturer can only make them so fast dude. They don't just wave a magic wand and there is suddenly more than enough to meet demand.

moldybread35d ago

They should like totally make some more than they already are dude. The others can like make more than 200k per month dude, it's narly how many they can make.

Gh05t34d ago

Are you saying that the manufacturer is actually producing at 100% capacity because I dont believe that for one second. I think that the price for parts increased and they are stalling manufacturing (only producing as little as they can to make people happy~ish) until the prices come back down.

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EddieNX 36d ago

I have a good feeling they have a huge amount ready for Splatoon 2 , Switch will probably sell 100k next week.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory35d ago

It probably sold more this week too. Since the Splatfest Demo was this week and just like last time people bought Switch in Japan the week NIntendo had the Splatoon 2 demo back in April in March I believe it was week 4.

EddieNX 35d ago

Crazy how a demo caused a spike. Be very interesting to see next weeks sales, the Switch is guaranteed to be huge over there though, like 3DS numbers eventually.

armchairDev35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah, once the 7 year-olds receive their lunch money for the week, I'm sure the sales of the Switch and Splatoon will increase.

EddieNX 35d ago

yes, their £320 lunch money.

Neonridr35d ago

quite the lunch money. what are these kids eating? lol

Gh05t34d ago

You do realize that 7 year-olds have parents right?

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Trilithon35d ago

by limiting supply they create "false high demand". also people want what they cannot have. its also "buying" them time to create more "new" titles. smarten up nintendo. should have included more games with the mini SNES too. you can easily download 2000 roms

Realplaya35d ago

See a therapist for your delusions. It's not like Nintendo is the only one that has a game system out. I'm pretty sure every switch not sold is a opportunity for the competition to get that sale. I'm pretty sure in order to sale more Zelda and all games they need to sell more units.

Istolla35d ago

You're obviously crazy. Are you a flat earther as well?

Trilithon35d ago

its basic marketing. LOL so whats your theory on why Nintendo isnt producing enough units? did bowser steal the blueprints>? idiots

WeebLord35d ago

The Switch is manufactured/assembled by Foxconn. Foxconn manufactures everything from motherboard components to smartphones. Nintendo is competing with all of that for manufacturing lines, there is a Dram shortage (no idea if Nintendo is affected, but it's a thing), what about Tegra3 fabrication? Nvidia can't keep the 1070 in stock, is that having an effect? There are far more variables than just "make more".

Trilithon35d ago

switch hardware is dated.. their should be an abundance

Realplaya35d ago

There is no theory just truth. Do you need me to post the part where Nintendo had told everyone in the world they would have a certain number available for the year?

rocketpanda35d ago

Nintendo has been doing this for years. Nintendo fans can disagree all they want, but their record of doing this speaks for itself.

The SNES will probably see more sales by scalpers than actual customers....again.

Nintendo just can't stick many roms into the system, the licensing costs would be absurd and wouldn't be cost effective.

Kun_ADR35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Do you have any proof to back up your claim? I'm honestly feeling really tired and sick of all these baseless BS claim about this "artificial" demand.