3 Classic Horror Games That Still Scare Us To This Day

Despite their outdated graphics and mechanics, these classic horror games still send a chill up our spines.

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GamesMaster1982243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Silent Hill 2 was and still is my best Survial/psychological horror game ever. Shame we may never see another from Konami.

AlbertW243d ago

Silent Hill 2 really is something. Cures depression, takes you to another place. All the ingredients were nigh perfect. That's why I keep a copy to remind me. Having said that now at 40 years of age, I don't think I could play through it again. Life got better, it does, you mature but sometimes you have to go to that special place, Silent Hill.

yeahright2243d ago

RE2 is a classic and one of my favorite games ever, but I found that the horror became less as the game went on and the action picked up. I'd personally replace it with kuon, though I wouldn't call it a classic as far as majority rules go.