The PlayStation 4 Remains The Choice For European Gamers Despite The Switch’s Popularity In The US

Well.....not bad!

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279d ago
ABizzel1279d ago

For pretty much this generation.

PS4 is outselling every platform combined right now in the EU weekly charts (Switch, XBO, 3DS, Vita, Wii U,PS3, and 360). This is a battle that can't be won. The Switch is a brand new console and the PS4 is still outselling it 2:1 in EU (Switch has shortage but still).

NA is closer so far this year with both devices being neck and neck, but I see the PS4 taking the sales win this year.

JP is going to be Switch land as soon as more stock and more games become available.

XBO isn't doing to hot and they really need XBO-X and a $199 XBOs SKU to help them through the holidays (they need that $199 SKU as early as September since XBO-X is more of an upgrade console than trying to reach new consumers). XBO isn't too far behind in NA, but they're losing 2:1 and 4:1 to Switch and PS4 in EU and JP isn't even worth talking about because they have no presence there.

Final 2017 sales IMO

PS4: 17m (possibly more with a $199 SKU)
Switch: 12m - 13m (if they get over the supply issues, which be in full production after September)
XBO: 8m (8m based on a $199 SKUm, possibly 10m if a lot of gamers upgrade to XBO-X)

Der_Kommandant279d ago

Man, you are doing a better job than Patcher.

2pacalypsenow279d ago

Until the Switch gets more than 2 games that stand out.

Clumpy279d ago

Which two games would that be, exactly?

2pacalypsenow279d ago

Pretty sure you know the answer to that.

DanteVFenris666279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Arms, splatoon, Zelda, Kirby, yoshi, xenoblade, Mario

And Mario and rabbids looks supringly fun

segamaniaco279d ago

Pokemon didnt save the 3ds from mobiles

Lost 60% marketshare compared to nds

EddieNX 279d ago

segamanioco, oh yh! pokemon beeen doing so bad (each iteration over 10m) /s

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DrumBeat279d ago

Sony's got it in the bag. I'd say for the duration of the gen.

Felsager279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


"Yes, but for how long?"

Another butthurt XBOT being salty for Sony's success in can't be....:3

MegamanXXX279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Probably until PS5

Segata279d ago

Forever. Europe has primarly been Sony since PS1 and before that SEGA. It was never the dominating market for Nintendo even when Nintendo was dominating.

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porkChop279d ago

Europe is PlayStation's main territory, so that isn't surprising at all.

FreddyFazbear278d ago

Dont forget about asia well not china or korea but thailand, indonesia, malaysia and philippines you would be very surprised are pro playstation. japan is more of a 50/50.

spartan112g279d ago

Yeah, and Wildlands was the #1 game there for a while. Their tastes make no sense to me.

DeadSilence279d ago

People liked that game, nothing wrong with liking different things.

2pacalypsenow279d ago

I enjoyed Wildlands more than BOTW.

Zelda is not for everyone

TheColbertinator279d ago

Wildlands and BOTW were both good to me for different reasons.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


Gaming is diverse and has many different genres I'm surprised that some of you are not old enough to realize this yet.

ShinnokDrako279d ago

Our tastes make sense like everyone's else tastes. Unless you are a fanboy. In that case, everyone must have your same tastes, otherwise they're nonsense. Right?

porkChop279d ago

So what? Wildlands is a good game, I don't see the problem. It's not perfect, but neither is any other game.

Uken12279d ago

Their taste is pretty stale. FIFA and GTA, that is what sells the most. GTA I can understand but FIFA....

Liqu1d278d ago

Football is huge in Europe and FIFA is the biggest football game, nothing wrong with their taste.

Segata278d ago

US buys Madden. Both love their Football.

2pacalypsenow278d ago

Fifa is a good game, if you don't follow soccer, then I wouldn't expect you to enjoy the game.

Uken12278d ago

I'm not bashing sports games by any means. Given what has the highest sales in Europe shows what they tend to favor.
FIFA is a yearly release, also you can actually play this outside.

The definition for Stale: having lost novelty or interest, no longer fresh.
So how is FIFA anything new or fresh? Just like Madden.
I didn't say EU has bad taste.

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awdevoftw279d ago

Makes sense. Nintendo has been a secondary console ever since the post snes days.

Aenea279d ago

How many people do you know who owns a Switch but not a PS4/X1?

Dark_Knightmare2279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Pretty much by looking at history where bar the biggest anomaly in gaming history the Wii it shows that to be pretty much true

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory279d ago

That doesn't prove the Switch is a secondary console.

Aenea273d ago

"That doesn't prove the Switch is a secondary console."

Yeah, makes total sense with the so far limited game library the Switch is someone's main (and first) console! /s

If a person owns another console besides the Switch and uses the other console more often, the Switch is a secondary console, maybe even tertiary! And if someone just got a Switch and already has a current gen console, it's their second/third console. Even if they currently play more on Switch doesn't mean it's suddenly their primary, etc.

Not many people just own a Switch, fact.

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NotoriousWhiz279d ago

N64 was my main console. Ps1 was secondary for me. After that, I would agree with you.

XanderZane279d ago

Yes, but they are currently in 1st place leading the 9th generation, so they have a good chance to win next gen. We'll see how many units they've sold before the PS5 is released.

badz149279d ago

So we should count the Switch as 9th gen and stack its sales with the yet to be announced PS5? That's like the dumbest thing I ever heard

NotoriousWhiz279d ago

@badz, so which gen is the Wii U in?

Uken12279d ago


Generation Why?

XanderZane278d ago

It's a 9th gen system dude. Get over it. The Wii U was Nintendo's 8th generation system. You think they are adding Switch sales to the Wii U? lol!! They are completely different systems. You can't play Wii or Wii U games on the Switch. The Switch isn't a mid-gen system. It's not called Wii Switch (Not a bad name though). It's a next-gen system. People can disagree if they want. Won't change the facts.

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