PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds reaches yet another amazing milestone

The fourth spot for highest peak player count in Steam history has been claimed by PUBG.

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Sillicur248d ago

PUBG continues to impress, seriously wow.

Fishy Fingers248d ago

My friend list is constantly awash with PUBG.

freshslicepizza248d ago

Microsoft might finally have a good partnership on their hands with this being tied to the XB1X

KickSpinFilter248d ago

Ya when I saw this, Anthum, and Metro at the E3 MS conference I was like dang! That was a get but once I read between the line and realized all three are coming to PS4 as well, was not as a major get at all.

alb1899248d ago

This game is time exclusive.

SonyWarrior248d ago

hardly even a timed exclusive seeing people are playing it on pc as we speak while not even being on xbox platform.

Goldby248d ago

if only it was a MS/ Steam exclsuive to give Ms something the PS4 wont be geting.

Never the less i will probably stay away from this game, dont find much enjoyment out of TDM games. would rather have an objective than just trying to get as many kills as you can

Automatic79248d ago (Edited 248d ago )


You and many miss the point.

Xbox will get 22 exclusives from E3 2017 to E3 2018. Please stop with the Damage Control or in the alternative putting a spin on the games coming to Xbox, if the games show up on PS4 kudos to all.

Gh05t248d ago

There is an objective, SURVIVE. The goal is to be last person/team standing not total kills.

Goldby248d ago


how well has timed exclusives worked for MS in the past.

Why are there timed exclsuives when the head of the Division (Phil spencer) is against the practice of having timed exclsuive games, as he stated after Rise, but before Dead Rising, and many more to come?

Why spend the money to brag about it being a launch exclusive when they could have pumped more money at the devs to make the game exclusive?

it just seems like Ms is all about the Power, putting all their eggs in one basket.

248d ago
Goldby248d ago


So is Cod also an objective based mp game? the TDM is still trying to survive compared to the other team.


Its a giant death match, you have to find your weapons and armor. adn work your way to the center before the gas hits you.

this is just like the culling, and i dont find them very interesting. i know what these games are about. but at the end of the day, they are more Death match games compared to objective based games.

Allsystemgamer247d ago

It's not a TDM game. There is a goal. Make it to the end. Most people don't.

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OoglyBoogly248d ago

Coming from hundreds of hours of the likes of DayZ (SA and mod) and ARMA 3 with Breaking Point I feel that PUBG is basically that but just all PVP. Even feels nearly the same.

VideoGameLab248d ago

No sht sherlock.
PUBG is a game from the guy (Player Unknown) who made the DayZ, H1Z1 and ARMA Battle Royale mods. The game is a Battle Royale. 100 go in and only 1 comes out

VideoGameLab248d ago

GOTY right here, mark it down

Goldby248d ago

no where near some of the caliber coming from other developers

VideoGameLab247d ago

Thats what they said last year about overwatch. Fact is, its the most played game this year so far and has no signs of slowing down. Heck, they Set new User records every week while most other games lose big chunks of it a week later

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