Will 2017 be Nintendo’s Best Year Ever?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "If you are a Nintendo fan, 2017 must seem like a breath of fresh air compared to the last half decade. The company has a brand new console out on the market and they are pumping out games at a rate of roughly one major release per month. Compared to the last years of the Wii U this can almost feel like the big N is either spoiling us or making up for lost time. But it’s just not the quantity of the games that are coming out but the quality as well. I find it hard to think of another year that Nintendo has been able to deliver so much rock-solid content for its systems while keeping enough in the tank for 2018 and beyond. So this begs the question – is 2017 Nintendo’s best year ever?"

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PhoenixUp512d ago

It's the best year of this decade thus far

ccgr512d ago

agreed, the switch is better than the Wii U

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory512d ago

Could be but if they manage to have
Kirby, Yoshi, Pikmin 4, Smash 4 Port, Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Bayonetta 3, The Wonderful 102 and other collaboration titles in 2018 then it will be tough to decide which year is better.

DogJosha512d ago

Are they considering ports to be new releases each month? I'm still waiting for a second worthwhile title to come out. I mean sure I own 4 games that I enjoy playing, but only 1 of those 4 are even worth buying the system for, and you can emulate it with better graphics. While it is a big improvement over Wii U days, this is just a mediocre year for Nintendo. Next year might be great though.

_-EDMIX-_511d ago

I agree it's why I sort of feel this is a hard choice to say this is a big year for them especially when it's filled with a lot of ports anyone who owns a Wii U might be hesitant to even pick up a switch if you really look at the lineup currently they might be waiting for Mario Odyssey which would be a good choice.

Tatanga512d ago

For Nintendo, not for gamers.

fenome512d ago

2017 has been a great year for gamers, there has been a bunch of great games released across different platforms. 2018 looks like it'll probably be even better, which is saying a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.