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Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura Explains What Caused the Game's Long Development

Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura explains what happened behind the scenes, shifting the development period of the upcoming game.

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Community123d ago
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PhoenixUp124d ago

Nomura just wanted KH3 to release in 2018 so it can be exactly 13 years after KH2 first released, cuz we all know how much this series loves the number 13 😅

Godmars290124d ago

"This series"?

FF15 is still in FF13's shadow...

Soulst0rmer123d ago

FF15 is the 50th FF game though..

PhoenixUp123d ago

Yes the Kingdom Hearts series.

No it isn't

InKnight7s124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Square Enix were so busy with XIII and Fabula Novas whatever that bullshit mean, moreover for some weird reason all SE power and focus were into hard work to sell 13 series and correct it wrong path (which it made by them and left fans craving for that awesome battle system with gravity manupilating in 2008) and damn it fastest two straight sequels ever for console rpg history. That cause not just people lost trust on XIII it lead that alot of games be on psp and hanhelds as 3rd birth and making alooot of spins off . Also, that made first Nier and other RPG on ps3 so low budget. Dragon Quest vanished. Postpone Versus and Agito. Postpone kh3. Ruining Versus idea. Made XIV most worst rpg release until they fixed it. Teasing VII too much. Yes, after 7 years we and SE still paying for that selfish desicion of fully supporting XIII at all cost. Ps3 gen (last gen) was totally ruined and left. That why kh3 is took aloooot of time.

link2Dpast123d ago

I've only had bad thing to say about this game, long development, graphics are underwhelming, and so much more BS but in the end I will buy it just like everyone else complaining we all will buy it 😅. Humans we are literally full of shit

MrJay123d ago

Because they just can't help themselves to stop announcing games too early just built up long hype and anticipation.

rocketpanda123d ago

Square loves announcing things rather than actually make games. They pretty can take as long as they want because it's them who are making games like FF, DQ and KH.

But if it is a subsidiary, they are terrible. Look at how shitty they treated Eidos when it came to Hitman, they tried sell some convoluted tiered copies of Deus Ex before backtracking and forced on multiplayer and calling Tomb Raider's reboot sales figures a disappointment.

Meanwhile they shoved out 3 disappointments and sad excuses for FF games called XIII. Rather than let it end with the first XIII game and move on or work on announced projects.

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