AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition runs PREY & ROTTR significantly slower than the NVIDIA GTX1080

DudeRandom84 has benched the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition in PREY and Rise of the Tomb Raider, and shared his results (which are really interesting). PREY is a title that AMD chose to showcase its RX Vega GPU at Computex 2017, however it appears that AMD’s latest graphics is running this game noticeably slower than NVIDIA’s default GTX1080 GPU.

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It's a brand new architecture give it time AMD cards usually get a lot better with time and they usually age better than Nvidia as well. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about for AMD fanboys

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yeahokwhatever338d ago

This isn't a gaming card.. How it performs in games is entirely irrelevant. Yes, it shares architecture. A McDonald's building shares architecture with Taco Bell. This doesn't mean McDonalds will make you a 7-layer burrito at a speed comparable to Taco Bell.

Cobra951338d ago

A building that slows down Taco Bell food prep and service because of poor interior design would also slow down MacDonald's.

yeahokwhatever338d ago

Your reply is completely irrelevant to my point.

Cobra951338d ago

My reply follows your analogy perfectly.

Sircolby45338d ago

Sorry, but this is nothing more than a wishful excuse. The gaming card isn't going to come out and magically blow the Frontier Edition away because it is going to essentially be the same card with a few high end features cut out. The Titan Xp isn't technically a gaming oriented card either, but it still does and does it well. If you think the gaming version of Vega is going to come in and stomp on the Frontier Edition you are going to be bitterly disappointed. (Then again AMD GPU fans are used to that by now.)

The_Kills338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Let's use your rendition of reality for now. If this isn't for gaming, what is it for? Professional use like 95% of sites are saying? For $1,500 or even $1,000 on air?

1) Buggy drivers currently
2) No pro certified drivers, so not a professional card
3) No CUDA, so even worse argument for those shooting themselves in the foot by saying "not a gaming card".
4) More expensive than a Titan Xp on water that would run circles around this card

At the prices these sell for they don't belong in any market for their current prices. So even with your excuse of "not a gamer card" it only demonstrates more attention on the points that make it irrelevant on the professional side as well.

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gapecanpie338d ago

This isn't a gaming card..... people comparing this card to a gaming card is just down out right stupid....

The_Kills338d ago

You're right, not gaming, not anything for the prices they're asking. See higher for my reasoning as to why this is even a worse pro card with respect to market realities.

Eldyraen338d ago

It's essentially a Dev card, just wait for gaming ones and then we will see how they compare.

1080ti will likely still be a contender though but who knows how much Vega changes things for sure.

Shuckylad338d ago

Unfortunately nvidia are gpu kings. Amd offer the alternative, remember they have more fingers in more pies than nvidia who can concentrate their efforts into gpu's primarily. That's why they'll always have more power.
But you'll pay for that extra...

armchairDev338d ago's not a gaming card.

The_Kills338d ago

Same excuse copy and pasted everywhere with no followup at all. If it's not gaming, then what is it? *Hint* if you say professional card, you ademonstrate your illogical ceaseless echoing heard everywhere else. No pro certified drivers, no CUDA, Titan Xp runs circles around this thing in either $1,000 or $1,500 configurations, in both games and real work loads of a prosumer use case.

So by you saying it's not a gaming card. Just like the legions of other drones, you effectively corner yourself into the reality of realizing after further inspection - that at these prices; these things have no reason to be on the market.

zivtheawesome338d ago

please wait some time for the real results as AMD still lacks the drivers to maximize the productivity of their vega cards. compare when it's fair.

Cobra951338d ago

If I want to play new games tomorrow, I won't wait for Vega to "grow up" at all. I'll buy what works best tomorrow, which is Nvidia Pascal.

yeahokwhatever338d ago

Well, the gaming Vega isn't out yet, so there's that.

Cobra951338d ago

The shoe is on the other foot now, isn't it? Your reply has nothing to do with my point. If I want to game right now, I'm not going to wait for Vega. I won't wait for it to be released, and I won't wait for it to get perfected after that. I don't have to.

The_Kills338d ago

So delayed release of hardware, and now we have MoreWaiting™ for software? Yeah that's really a great idea, by the time these drivers mature Volta sweeps in and mops the floor utterly on all bases.. get real dude, wait for what? Drivers ain't making up 30% performance expectations.

Tapani338d ago

I'll wait for that 6 core Intel 8700K and Volta non-Tesla flagship gamer card. That should be enough for 4K for a few years. Just add another one two years later and you are set again for a few years!

yeahokwhatever338d ago

I'll just wait for the 100 core AMD Infinium Q and Wattsmasher non-madeupianfuturecard flagship card to come out. That'll be good enough to play Zork 74 on my 980000K HqR7 monitor for a few more millennia!

Tapani338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Well, Volta chip has been shown by the CEO in public for shareholders, and the Coffee Lake 8700K is reportedly from the assembly lines on schedule to release later this year. This is within 6 months no matter how you look at it.

And I'm a PS4 Pro gamer on a TV, and love the Switch to bits, dunno where you are coming from mate! Was funny tho.

yeahokwhatever338d ago

My only point was waiting for PC hardware is a endless endeavor ;-)

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