Juby Headshot’s sexy cosplay of Angel from “The King of Fighters” will melt your screen away

I (Robin Ek, TGG) might just have found one of the best cosplays of Angel from "The King of Fighters". I'm talking about Juby Headshot's awesome cosplay of Angel :3

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TGG_overlord6d ago

Juby is freaking awesome ;) And I asked her for an interview just now.

Simon_the_sorcerer6d ago

10/10 imo, and she's just as curvy as Angel is as well.

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Littil_Devil6d ago

She could easily play Angel in a KOF movie.

TGG_overlord6d ago

I'll be sure to ask her about that =)

TGG_overlord6d ago

@Littil_Devil "Please tell me that you got it? :3"

- Juby told me yes just now =) She also follows us on Twitter now ;)

TGG_overlord6d ago

@2pacalypsenow "That midriff tho...."

- What's wrong with it?

TheRealHeisenberg6d ago

I see nothing wrong there. She looks great!!!

TGG_overlord6d ago

I'm glad to hear it =) I'm also happy to inform you that Juby said yes to do an interview with me.

2pacalypsenow6d ago

I didn't mean it as a negative.

I was pointing out how great it is.

TGG_overlord6d ago

Ah, sorry, my bad ;) I like my ladies thick :3

TheRealHeisenberg6d ago

My bad as well.

I prefer thick as well but I have no issue with "slim goodies" either.

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