New Tekken 7 Character Announced: Geese Howard from Fatal Fury

Today, during the EVI 2017 livestream, Tekken 7 Producer and Director Katsuhiro Harada announced a new character that will join the Tekken 7 cast.

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Majin-vegeta67d ago


Needs to happen!!

Last_Boss66d ago

I hope the next guess character is either Akira Yuki or Kazuma Kiryu, complete with a HEAT gauge.

rocketpanda66d ago

I would love another Capcom vs SNK, or even a complete remaster of Capcom vs SNK 2.

Nice to see some crossovers coming into the Tekken main series, Akuma and now Geese.

Raiden65d ago

GEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEEEEE HOWARD OMG no one stands a chance, all Tekken characters will fall to his FIST OF FURY, LOOOOL, sorry but VF characters are too difficult to use in Tekken mechanism, that only if there are using the same original direction commands of VF, then it will be impossible.

66d ago
TheOttomatic9166d ago

It will probably be called Tekken X (pronounced as Tekken Cross).

gangsta_red65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Tekken x SF x KoF!

All production on everything must halt to make this come true.

Geese and Akuma in Tekken. No doubt that SNK, Capcom and Namco are collaborating in something big.

King of Iron Fighters: World Warriors

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masterfox67d ago

ok, that was freaking awesome!!

Raiden65d ago

ITS GEESE HOWARD, you gotta respect this character or it's your A$$.

alb189966d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Is it free?

boing165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I would venture a guess that it is not. They would say it upfront probably. Besides, season pass is there for a reason.

Last_Boss66d ago

This song should be No salt on Geese.

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The story is too old to be commented.