'Overwatch' female userbase is twice as huge as other FPS, says scientist

Blizzard's most popular FPS, 'Overwatch' is dubbed as the mose gender-diverse FPS game in the world

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Erik7357277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

I can see why it's popular with females. What other multiplayer fps has interesting female characters?

If you hate on Overwatch then you must not appreciate quality in FPS games

Seriously the dialogue between characters,skins,animations, and maps are so great in it and post launch dlc is fantastic

I look forward to the next seasonal event for years and years to come..


I agree I love OverWatch I play it on my PS4 and my PC so nice I bought it twice

feraldrgn277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

"I can see why it's popular with females. What other multiplayer fps has interesting female characters?"

You fell for the trap, games are games & people play games, there's no need to cater to genders because people will play games regardless.

Sam Fisher277d ago

These "scientists" must be in works with Michael patcher, no shit.

I must be doing something wrong in my life if all it takes is to be obvious to make it in life

Kallisti277d ago

Shouldn't scientists be working on more important things, like a cure for cancer?

Godmars290277d ago

Too busy causing it.

Indirectly of course...

AcidDvl277d ago

Yes, because scientists only have majors on medicine.

FullmetalRoyale277d ago

As opposed to majoring in female player counts in first person shooters, and comparisons thereof.

FullmetalRoyale277d ago

Nah, they got time in between discovering planets and not curing cancer.


OverWatch is a ton of fun I think there's more people in general playing it than any other shooter game right now it's just so damn fun

Jakens277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

There is close to 41% of female gamers to begin with.

"currently estimated at 41% in the 2016 report."

Clicking on the 2016 report brings up a PDF file.

On topic, good job Overwatch.

meka2611277d ago

Well that would be cool if it wasn't inaccurate, most of the titles on their are smart phone games, that doesn't make you a gamer, just means your bored a lot. I really do want more females to game, but no reason to conflate stats.

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The story is too old to be commented.