BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced for Consoles: BlazBlue X Persona X RWBY X Under Night Crossover

Arc System Works announces the new crossover 2D fighting game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and a new character for BlazBlue CentralFiction.

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PhoenixUp249d ago

Yeesh that's a lot of crossing over

BlackWolf249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Probably due to the GG assets being much dated compared to those made for BB, P4A and Under Night. Not that they can't remake them or give them some touch ups, as they're making new sprites for Ruby and probably more characters from RWBY, but maybe it'd be much of a hassle to them. Hope to see Sol in the game at some point, anyways.

TheColbertinator249d ago

Persona 4 refuses to die. Works for me.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Hmm. This could be the BlazBlue game that was listed during the Switch presentation.
And there wasn't any platform announced yet. BlazBlue creator did say fighting games could find home on the Switch due to ARMS.

TXIDarkAvenger248d ago

Arc System Works is on a role right now damn.