Sony's First Party Studios: Amazing Games, One Glaring Problem

While Sony no doubt has a fantastic line-up of exclusive titles, those produced from their AAA first party studios seem to have too much in common.

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SpaceRanger312d ago

There's enough diversity in story, gameplay and styling to make each one different.

People buy these games and push for Sony to make more because they enjoy them and others. Single player games really are and always will be the foundation of the industry.

UCForce312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Yup, someday that SP games will wake Spencer brain up for one. And make him think twice what he saying.

Kingthrash360312d ago

Lmao the games are all the same???
Lmmfao.....such BS... Ok....well give me more of the same then. I absolutely enjoy it.

Death312d ago

It really is incredible that Spencer can comment on how important single player games are and see how many people blindly believe he said something else. Let's try something new for fun on n4g, how about you find what Spencer actually said and base your opinion on facts instead of what you want to believe he said.

Condemnedman311d ago

why are you mentioning Spencer? did he write this article?

Major_Glitch311d ago

@death Your fanboy is showing.
OT: PS4 are all similar in that they are fun.

Zeref311d ago


All phil said is that Multiplayer games are the ones that make the most money and that's 100% truth. Without multiplayer. Gaming would still be seen as a "nerd" thing and wouldn't be nearly as mainstream as it is today.
Stop acting like suddenly singleplayer is the be all end all of gaming just because your favorite platformholder is focusing on singleplayer experiences. You don't need to put the other one down to prop one up.

DarthZoolu311d ago

This is exactly why I don't own a saw me, so I'm just not into those games I really don't like single player especially if I'm going to have to follow a linear path.

LandoCalrissiano311d ago

I'd have to agree with Spencer, how many people come back to those story driven games? Skyrim? Absolutely. Dishonored? Less so. Need story modes that people come back to and have no problem with spending 100 hours for a story that they know. Playing through far cry 3 right now but when I'm done I'll probably never play it again. Even the cod campaigns hugely are replayable such as mwr mission all ghillied up.

Skull521310d ago

The problem is they are all 8 hour experiences that you beat in a sitting or two then take into the nearest used game store. I much prefer a game with more content - great single player, great coop, great multiplayer you can play for months. You just can't find that in Sony exclusives.

pinkcrocodile75310d ago


I can see why Sony fans don't like Phil Spencer. I'm a big fan of Xbox but due to my husband being a Sony fan am supporting both platforms and have enjoyed what I've played on playstation with exception of the Japanese styled games which everyone know I'm not a fan of on any platform.

The issue can be said that there is not enough follow up on all of Phil's comments, yes there is a lot of followup but I can see why people either don't believe him or feel he isn't completely honest with us. It's a bit like politicians, you have to dance around the areas where you know you are currently weak but can't announce what you're doing about it just yet.

Sean Layden is the same but even when he is able to tell the truth his eyes don't reflect his mood or the emotion he's trying to show. My lads call him a "serial killer" because of those dead eyes he has and I kind of understand what they mean.

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-Foxtrot312d ago

Yeah everything for the PS4 this year has almost been different to the last, not all made in house but exclusives none the less

Horizon Zero Dawn - Action RPG
Gravity Rush 2 - Action Adventure
Nioh - Action JRPG
Nier - Action JRPG
Persona 5 - JRPG
Yakuza 0 - Open World
Crash Bandicoot - Platforming game
Wipeout HD - Racing

A good little mix, even the JRPG games have different styles to them which make them feel different from the rest...I mean it's not like we are getting 3 Persona type games or 3 Nioh games.

DanteVFenris666311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

While exclusive only 1 of those is made by Sony which has a lot of similarities too uncharted. Almost every game Sony makes now is trying to be uncharted

RpgSama311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Yeah, I can clearly see how Spiderman, Detroit, God Of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Crash, Knack 2, Days Gone, Wipeout HD, Death Stranding, MLB 2017 are practically the same game, they are so much alike it's crazy, they should be suing themselves between studios /S (Sarcasm)

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

@dant-I don't know what you mean by only one Wipeout HD and Horizon zero Dawn are both made by Sony

Also Horizon zero dawn has a very little similarity between Uncharted.

One is an open world RPG the other one is a narrative-driven action game.

If you're going to say something's trying to be like Uncharted specifically make a list and be specific , stop pussyfooting around and making vague statements.

It is like Uncharted because it's narrative-driven? Was it supposed to have no narrative at all? Because it has an engaging story? Well was it supposed to not have a good story that's engaging?

Help me understand how it's like Uncharted.

DialgaMarine311d ago

@Dante Horizon, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush 2 were all made by Sony.

DaDrunkenJester311d ago (Edited 311d ago )


While I don't technically agree. I can see how the overall feel of the controls can make someone think it plays similar. Personally I think Horizon is more comparable to RotTR with the gameplay.

Edit: Which by no means is a bad thing.

Automatic79311d ago (Edited 311d ago )


You always seem to point out every competitors concerns with first party. You should see the same for first party games at Sony. How do you not see that every game is a last of Us clone or Uncharted Clone. Further, were are the MP games for Sony. How is it that nobody calls this out. Please provide a decent response. As I do not want any fanboy arguments. By the way here are the games that are copying Uncharted and Last of Us.

God of War
Days Gone

DarXyde311d ago


Horizon is Guerilla, a Sony owned studio like Turn10 or 343i to Microsoft. Gravity Rush is Sony Japan.

Aceman18311d ago


Also Gravity Rush is made by Sony Japan, so there's 3 games on that list he did are by Sony.

BlackTar187311d ago


Please list how these games are like Last of Us or Uncharted?

Let me guess
Days Gone has Zombies= Lat of us
God Of War= Free moving camera with a kid int he story = Last of us
Horizon: you play the game with a controller = Uncharted + Last of us
Detroit: You play with a controller and it comes out on ps4 = Uncharted + Last of us

Days Gone,God Of War,Horizon and Detroit : Single Player games that have story = Last of us + Uncharted

Please add to them.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

@daDrunk-you were asked several times by several users to actually list these features in regards to similarities and it sounds to me like you want to be vague because you probably realize they're not as similar as you assume.

If you want someone to actually believe anything that you're posting you actually have to really be specific about your post and give great reasons to prove your point you guys seem to be riding off of "feels the same" or "similarities" yet not really going into deep specifics.

Sorry buddy but it actually sounds like the games you guys listed have as much specific with each other as a third-person game is probably going to have by default.

Let me guess they're over-the-shoulder sometimes they have guns there cinematic scenes?

Are you scared that the second you start to list features your technically going to be talking about almost all major third-person games?

I mean what was even exclusively done by Uncharted that is done in the games that you guys listed but not done and any other game in history?

seriously is there a reason why you guys are literally dead in your tracks about answering this question? They've been several people that have literally asked you guys to list what you're talking about and it seems like you guys won't answer.

I mean you guys helped destroy your own Theory by your own silence to the question.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I completely agree. Some of the upcoming games will have cinematic cutscenes that will flow seamlessly over to gameplay, but that is where the similarities begin and end.

Days Gone - survival
God of War - action adventure
The Last of Us 2 - survival
Spider-man - action adventure
Death Stranding - who knows?
Detroit Become Human
GT Sport - coming soon
Hellblade - coming soon
Uncharted Lost Legacy - coming soon

The PS4 has more games coming this year than any other console. The author is just looking for clicks

MLB the show
Gravity Rush 2
Horizon Zero Dawn

All made by Sony studios.

DaDrunkenJester311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

@ Edmix

You seem really butthurt about my opinion. Also yeah if they feel like every other 3rd person game... isn't that sort of another problem? Horizon really doesn't do ANYTHING new besides having dino robots.... its the games gimmick and that is fine.

I'm not saying its a bad thing and I'm certainly not going to waste my time going through every reason why I think those 5 games are similar. if you don't think they feel the same, that's fine. I'll just get a ton of downvotes and you'll get a ton of upvotes and the world will continue.

BlackTar187311d ago


You mean you can't and you're just a troll.

XanderZane311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

They were talking about 1st party exclusives. Yes, 3rd party exclusive actually balances things out. Seriously, the 3rd party exclusives is what keeps Sony's library so diverse. There are more 3rd party exclusives on the PS4 then 1st party. Last gen the XBox 360 had more 3rd party exclusives then 1st party. Still the article creators complaint is just silly.

Some of the games are 3rd party, not first party games. MLB, GT Sport & Knack 2 are different games though. None of those will be as big as Horizon: ZD, God of War or Days Gone.

notachance311d ago

how is horizon similar with uncharted, seriously fanboys? if anything it's more like tomb raider + monster hunter

@dadrunken lol, this is the guy who said he owns all platforms? said he's 'excited' for Voodoo Vince and Cuphead while talking down Horizon to death with 'similarities' pulled out of his ass, and the best he can say when people ask for the list of similarities is 'the feel'.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

@dadrunk-. "not going to waste my time going through every reason why I think those 5 games are similar"

Yet you've posted how many times on this article? Buddy it's because you can't

everyone actually already knows it's because you don't have real solid reasons.

All you seem to have are subjective ,immeasurable, vague ,broad reasons that's why you're actually scared to State anything specifically.

It's very difficult for anyone to believe any of the stupid crap you post when you yourself cannot even defend your own post with the real specific reasons.

You simply say "feel" but don't go on to specifically stay with your talking about or "elements" but again don't go on the specifically State what you're talking about 😂😂😂

I think all the users that have actually been asking you and your buddies to explain yourselves have outed just how dumb your post actually are.

I'm not sure how you could make a conversation about games being similar but also get stopped dead in your tracks when being asked about the specifics of those similar features.

I mean your silence about these mysterious elusive features that you simply can't name or can't be bothered with kind of proves my point way better than anything I could post.

How can anyone take your post seriously when you don't even take your own post seriously enough to post real features and reasoning?

I mean put it this way any dumb a person could say Mario Kart feels like Halo 5 yet give no solid evidence or even a list of features to explain their statement.

jstark311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Nier on pc
Persona 5 ps3 port
Yakuza 0 on ps3 port
Wipeout HD more ports (I know playstation gamers love ports)
please dont give me that "its a playstation exclusvie" BS

Why o why311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

@ jstark

what are you smoking, stop

@ DaDrunkenJester... its time to put up or shut up as they say. Clarify or be gone.

....To be fair, the only titles I felt were similar were Days Gone and The last of us .....I literally thought it was tlou2 when I was watching the gameplay. The rest is downplay imo and very cherry picky. The less popular titles are being ignored just so a felonious point can be vaguely made.

Bottom line...there's just more choice but its way easier to have similarities when there are that much more titles in development than if you had 2 or 3. This year will go down as one of sonys (+any manufacturers) best ever years. No silly rhetoric will change that... I just hope sony can replicate this year next year in regards to quantity, quality and variety.

Teflon02311d ago

Horizon made by Sony's Own GG
Gravity Rush 2 is made by Sony Japan Studios
WipEout Omega is done by Xdev right? Under Sony WW Studios? I'm not sure but the original games were made by Sony Devs either way.
All 3 are very different and all different from uncharted

rainslacker311d ago

Maybe if you can't list every reason why they're similar, you can list at least one that doesn't involve, "they feel the same".

What does that even mean?

Here, I'll help.

From Sony's first party, they all start with the "Sony Interactive Logo" at the beginning".

Some other similarities

1. They're good to great games.
2. They all have good sound tracks.
3. They all have good to great graphics.

That's 4 reasons they're the same. Took me all of 3 minutes to type this comment.

Shouldn't take more than a minute to type up an objective reason that actually involves more than some vague reference to your feelings which is entirely personal to you, but apparently to no one else.

milkshake2311d ago

@jstark other than nier, all of those games you listed are indeed "playstation exclusives".
Can you play them on any platform other than Playstation?!
(Sigh) some gamers these days... so stupid.

Blueraven316311d ago

Anyone saying Sony doesn't make diverse games must not know much about Sony

oasdada310d ago

Nier - Hack and slash*

Yakuza 0 - Open world beat em up*

What remains of edith finch - walking sim

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sonarus311d ago

@foxtrot. Cool list except most of those games in that list aren't first party.

Dark_Knightmare2311d ago

He listed eight games and three were made by Sony that's one shy of half the list

Godmars290311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

But thy are exclusive. Actual exclusives.

Still, would like to see an approach with "old" isometric mechanics, a Diabo-style/Lost Ark, on a AAA budget.

Automatic79311d ago


That's the biggest problem Sony fans have they keep giving credit to Sony for third party developed games, that are exclusive to Sony platforms. Half of those games are not even bought by the Sony fans. They are just used for list wars.

EatCrow311d ago


Wrong. Not all. Neir shouldnt be in that list if youre talking "Real" exclusives.

Godmars290311d ago

You want to nitpick this as only Foxtrot's comment, fine you win, but the actual fact is that games like Neir are PS-only. Its also fact that for whatever reason MS can't get such 3rd party titles on the Xbox. Even though they did at one point during the 360 era.

Overall, in the grander scheme, MS isn't giving the comment-board segment of its fan base anything solid to argue with. Namely games.

milkshake2311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

So? Can you play them on xbox or Switch?

CoinOrc311d ago

If you are going to say PS4 exclusives that are also available on PC are not really exclusive, then Xbox has zero exclusives.

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alb1899311d ago

SONY doesn't have first party developers that makes good MP as MS doesn't have any first party good for SP.

Forn311d ago

That's absolutely absurd and not true in the slightest. The thing about Sony's 1st party MP portions is that they are different from your average/generic FPS MP. Apparently unique means bad these days lmao. My favorite multi-player games are always Sony 1st party.

BlackTar187311d ago

The Last of us MP was last gens most overlooked GEM ever

That was as close to strategic MP i've played since Socom. 100% teamwork

yellowgerbil311d ago

Hot shots golf next month has better mp than any Xbox exclusive. I put 300hrs in it on ps3 and will be getting ps plus just for that game.
As far as shooters go, uncharted has an online mode that seems popular, I just wish they'd make a MAG 2 as that is the only SHOOTER I've ever liked, don't like halo, gearz, or even killzone

trooper_311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Whoever wrote this article is out of touch. There's a reason why Sony's games are diverse - they have some very talented devs.

gapecanpie311d ago

Way too many QTE in Sony games making them more like a story flip book then a actual game.....

P_Bomb311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Sony published games LBP, Killzone, Horizon, Gravity Rush, inFamous, The Last Guardian, Nioh, MLB The Show had QTEs? Is you high?

Wait, you once said Yakuza had no story. Don't answer that.

Zeref311d ago

No they are not the "foundation".

Look at the top played games.
GTA Online
World of Warcraft
League of Legends
Call of Duty

Do you see any single player games there? Nope. Multiplayer games are the foundation of the industry. I'd say that they're the ones keeping the industry alive because they're also the ones that make more money.

Single player games are awesome and I would be a sad gamer if games like The Witcher 3 and Mass Effect didn't exist. But to say that they are the foundation of the industry is just bullcrap.

UCForce311d ago

Multiplayer was the second foundation, not the first. Single Player was and will be the first foundation.

Zeref311d ago


If you put it like that I agree. But don't act like Singleplayer games are the ones that rule the industry today.

Gh05t311d ago

"Multiplayer was the second foundation"
Based on what? Serious question, what do you base that on?
Almost all the old games where multiplayer or leader board driven to create competition among people.

CoinOrc311d ago

The problem is for every Call of Duty and Battlefield, there are ten multiplayer shooters that failed to succeed. For every World of Warcraft, there are ten MMOs that failed to succeed. Even Microsoft's established shooters Halo and Gears of War couldn't keep up with top shooters like Call of Duty and Overwatch. The multiplayer shooter is a crowded genre and Microsoft will keep running into stiff competition. They would be wise to invest in single player games, but sadly, they just seem to cancel them.

Angeljuice310d ago


It is easier to see who is playing multiplayer games because they are online by nature.
If you're playing a single player game offline you won't appear on any metric.
You can see exactly how many are playing online, you have no clue who plays what offline.
Those results are flawed at best.

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joab777311d ago

Yeah. It's like saying that amidst pop, country and other genres, 2 great rap artists are too similar. We get these great narrative games from Sony and it's perfect. And unlike TLoU, GoW has its own flare, it's own long history and combat system. It's like telling a Souls or Diablo fan that Nioh is too similar, and reference it in a negative way. It's my personal GotY so far.

NXFather311d ago

I like how you made sure to say ENOUGH. Instead of just different. Even so Playstation the best so, whatever.

311d ago
WelkinCole310d ago

Well he is is right about Sony games being very similar

1. The are of really high quality
2. Not on the xbox lol!

segamaniaco310d ago

"While Sony no doubt has a fantastic line-up of exclusive titles, those produced from their AAA first party studios seem to have too much in common."
Thats just why we love them, sony became specialist in this kind of game
The rest we get from third parties.
Sony doesnt need to cover all genres, they failed with some like FPS, but sony has gran turismo, horizon (rpg), ratchet (adventure/platform), bloodborn (arpg), NBL, everybody's golf, wipeout, locoroco (action/puzzle) and other genres too.

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Eonjay312d ago

Lol is this a joke? No seriously guys. So he says that any games with punching, vehicles, weapons are all the same. This is one of those videos that seek to say that everything is wrong with all of those games. He just hates everything.

andrewsquall311d ago

The only thing that video thumbnail is missing is a big red arrow pointing at NOTHING in the picture. But somehow, even without that, they still made the video completely unclickable for me. I just can't do it. I almost feel my IQ lowering just thinking about clicking it lol.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

Can't stop laughing seriously might be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard in my entire life this guy might as well say Grand Theft Auto is like every other game because you could punch shoot and drive a car 😂😂😂 28514;

Who wrote this garbage?

DaDrunkenJester311d ago

Its not just those elements, its the overall feel of the games. I get what he is going for. They all play and feel very similar, but each have their own setting and style.

Condemnedman311d ago

yep when watching one game at Sony's e3 I thought it was tlou . different game similar skin. not saying that's bad but that's what I noticed.

Eonjay311d ago

No,they don't. I have The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush, TLoU, Uncharted, Horizon, and Bloodborne and they are not the same. Not even close. Next they will be claiming that game that use controllers are too similar. How about 5 Forza games in less than 4 years?

UCForce311d ago

Now, you are just being ridiculous.

galmi311d ago

How dare you understand? How dare you oppose sony lololol