Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite New PS4 Gameplay Shows New Character Jedah, Gamora and Lots More

Capcom presented Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on PS4 at EVO 2017, showing off Jedah, Gamora and more characters.

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naruga129d ago

wow the level behind them is from MOnster HUnter !!...... and probably is the new town in MH World

ion666129d ago

Needs x-men. This is Marvel vs Capcom decaf. Who drinks coffee for the flavor? lol

brokasfawk129d ago

This still sounds like a water down version of what it should be

andron666129d ago

Dont think Capcom can use the Xmen characters anymore, so dont think they will be coming...

thatguyhayat129d ago

That does seem to be the case until they get the rights back. One can only hope

Swiftfox129d ago

As IP holders, Marvel has the power to include the X-men and Fantastic Four franchises into Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite as we speak. Trouble is, to Marvel, this isn't a game for fans--it's a $60 advertisement tie-in for Marvel's cinematic universe. As such, they do not want to include characters from franchises they can not produce films for because to them it would be free advertising for the current film right holders, Fox.

We will see DLC characters, but the Marvel characters will mostly likely be limited to upcoming theatrical releases and promotions for Marvel. So yes, the only way you'll see X-men or Fantastic Four characters is if Marvel gains the film rights back--but I don't see Fox giving those rights up especially now with film studios banking on franchises for consistent box-office turn out.

drunkenspy007129d ago

Wasn't there an interview with one of the Japanese developers who didn't think the Xmen were relevant anymore and that's why they weren't included? The licensing issue does make more sense..

KaoSouL129d ago

2 pro's doing a gameplay reveal and they skip the intros and wiff half the moves.... only Capcom would be this lame.

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