Evil Within 2 And Wolfenstein II Confirmed To Support 4K Ultra HD On Xbox One X

2 more upcoming games have been confirmed to support 4K resolution on the Xbox One X.

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XanderZane124d ago

This will be the norm for most games.

IHassounah124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

You are being arrogant, and you should know when to stop being one. Most of the games announced for the Xbox One X are considered Dynamic 4K. Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2 are one of the first games to be announced as 4K Ultra HD. From the available games in that said setting, we can conclude that this won't be the norm for most games moving forward unless those games sacrifice other game features.

343_Guilty_Spark124d ago

Most are not Dynamic 4k IHasfootinmouth

TFJWM124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

@IHassounah I guess you didn't read the article?

Form the article: "According to Microsoft’s definition of 4K Ultra HD, it can range from native 4K to dynamic checkerboard 4K support, so it remains to be seen what kind of approach the developers will implement with these two games."

Norm for most games should be one of those...

bluefox755124d ago

@Ihassounah Nah, they will likely be dynamic checkboard rendering as well. Microsoft has their own definition of what constitutes 4k, and it doesn't necessarily mean native.

MegamanXXX124d ago

I wanna see if it will sell more copies than the PS4 version. Looking forward to it.

MegamanXXX123d ago

whats the point of going to 4k is the framerate is still going to be a juddering mess.

Neonridr123d ago

@MegamanXXX - install base is smaller, so doubtful it will sell more copies through the Xbox family than the Playstation family. Would be kind of strange if that was the case.

IamTylerDurden1123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

The problem is that Microsoft's own definition of "4K Ultra HD" includes checkerboard and dynamic resolution. It's such bs that they lump all of it together to make u think that if it says 4K Ultra HD then it means native 4K. The problem with MS doing this is that it now blurs the lines between native and non native. It's typical MS and you guys need to slow your roll and understand what 4K Ultra HD means to Microsoft. This in now way guarantees native 4K, but it does guarantee either checkerboard, native, or dynamic 4K. So we basically have learned nothing.

dcbronco123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Some seem to have the misconception that dynamic resolution means not native 4k. That's not the case. It means the resolution can drop if need be. It doesn't mean it will drop. While some games use dynamic resolution in order to make the game look better and run more smoothly on the console, Microsoft is pushing dynamic resolution for different reasons.

Microsoft wants dynamic resolution for UWP and BC. They have a OS that can emulate different architectures and make apps work across many devices. This is their effort to push their API for all programs and have it scale to that device. It's very smart and is an advantage they have right now.

Dynamic resolution is what allows them to make Forza Horizon 3 and Gear of War 4 4k games even though they weren't when launched. And at least Horizon will be native 4k and most likely Gears.

IamTylerDurden1123d ago


Of course it'll be the norm. Microsoft's definition of 4K Ultra HD includes native, checkerboard, dynamic, or other solutions involving a 4K frame buffer. I would expect most games on xbonex to encompass at least one of those methods.

It's funny though, just looking around here it seems like even the somewhat informed community of N4G is a bit confused in thinking that Microsoft's definition of 4K Ultra HD means native, when in fact, it doesn't. I can only imagine what casuals will think..

LexHazard79123d ago


List all the games that are gonna be confirmed using checkerboard render on Xbox One. I bet its not a long one as opposed to the comp.
Xbox One X for all my gaming needs. PS4 Pro for Sony games and that it.

DAEMONIFEAR123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

@Ihass no you're 100% wrong!! Only 2 games have been announced as dynamic/cb 4k in turn are still 2160p with reso drops to keep fps up and high 4k assets still beats ps4pro in every way and most pc's!!

@iamtyler so Sony saying 4k/dynamic etc..when in fact it's only 1440p is okay? Just because it's MS hey? Lol The difference will be actual native 2160p whether it's dynamic or cb with high 4k assets yhe resolution will drop in some games using dyn/cb to keep frames high but it's still better then 1440p upscaled with 0 4k assets no fos benefit over base ps4 and 0 ani...filtering ppl seem to be forgetting that 2 games were announced as dynamic 2160p and the almost 80 titles announced as native 2160p sorry but how many games are native 2160p on ps4pro that are not just indies or old titles with 0 graphical upgrades bar the wasted resolution bump?

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richierich124d ago

Shouldnt all upcoming games on Xbox One X support 4k

DarkLordMalik124d ago

Not all games. It is the same as PS4 Pro where some games won't get Pro support so unless the developer confirms 4K resolution, it will be the same as base PS4/Xbox One.

richierich124d ago

Thats a shame but Im still getting an XBOX One X though

Kingthrash360124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Pretty much any games getting
Xbox X "enhanced " will also get ps4p support. And vice versa. It's solely a developers choice. Some will have the funds to give support, some's all gunna depend on the budget. That's the problem with mid-gen

XanderZane124d ago

Developers will use the power of the PS4 Pro and XB1X however they choose. Sony & Microsoft aren't forcing them to do anything on their systems.

sd11124d ago

Most will, but not all. Also not all games are native 4K, some will still be upscaled from 1800p etc.

bluefox755124d ago

Most games will not be native, by the looks of it. Likely just the 1st party titles, indies, and a few lower demanding 3rd party titles I'm guessing.

sd11124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

@bluefox " Likely just the 1st party titles, indies, and a few lower demanding 3rd party titles I'm guessing. " Not really. Like I said some will be checkerboard but from my understanding there are already a lot of 4k native games confirmed. Witcher 3, Resident Evil 7, Titanfall 2, Ghost recon wildlands, Hitman, Metro Exodus, Shadow of war are a few examples of games reportedly running at native 4k. None of these mentioned are 1st party , indies or lower demanding titles. Some reports also mention star wars battlefront 2 as native 4k, though I am not sure about this being true.

porter470123d ago

You realize you will see every game in 4k as your output right?

sd11123d ago


What does that have to do with whether something is 4k native or upscaled 4k?

IamTylerDurden1123d ago

Even Evil Within 2 and Wolfi 2 won't necessarily be native 4K. Microsoft didn't say they would be native 4K, they said "4K Ultra HD" and according to Microsoft that just simply means it'll be some form of 4K including checkerboard or dynamic. It's shady marketing imo and really an attempt to trick ppl. 4K Ultra HD and native 4K aren't the same thing according to Microsoft. Ppl need to realize that.

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Krysis124d ago

I have a feeling that if the games are releasing on PC then they will get 4k support for both pro and X and if they are not then the developer will have to have the ambition to create those assets for a smaller user base

leeeroythe3rd123d ago

Greatly depends on developer putting time into assets to support a quality 4k product. Upscaling resolution is minor to improving texture res... hdr is where its at... i am loving all titles i have seen with hdr improvemets

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Woolly_124d ago

I can just imagine playing Wolf 2 on the X @ 4K. Yummy.

IamTylerDurden1123d ago

You do realize that Wolfenstein is not confirmed as native 4K, right? This simply means it will be either dynamic, native, checkerboard, or other. Funny how ppl attacked PS4 Pro for supporting checkerboard and dynamic 4K but when MS does the same thing ppl are salivating for it. MS is strong with the spin and PR game.

Woolly_123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I expect it to hit Native 4K on the X.

It might not -> IdTech prioritizes 60 frames. . either way it'll be the best console version.

even it shared resolution with the PS4Pro, the X would do better in other areas like texture quality, frame_rate stability etc. DigiFoundary will highlight all that.

I expect better graphics than the pro.

There's more to the X than resolution.

Cy124d ago

Awesome, but I'm gonna be done with both of these before the X comes out so it's not gonna do me any good :P

sd11124d ago

I am going to hold off playing most new games until X comes out. It will be my chance to get through some of my back catalogue, before building up a new back catalogue. It is possible that I will buy destiny 2 and play that prior to X though, mostly because I will still be playing it even after the X is out.

Cy124d ago

I'd like to do this, but I'm already desperate for new games and this summer looks like it's gonna be another huge dry spell. I need me some distractions from the endless ennui that is life.

Bobafret124d ago

Hoping TEW gets X1 improvements, the frame rate was so aweful I had to stop playing.

sd11124d ago

All games will receive a performance boost according to MS. I cant remember the version but older games developed on previous kits will get a smaller increase than their newer DEV kit games. So the frame rate will improve regardless of any updates. In addition all Xbox 360 games will receive performance improvements.

@CY If you are not already maybe try EA access. They are adding Titanfall 2, Star Wars BF and all DLC plus BF 1 from now to September, assuming you have not played these yet. If not gamepass could be worth a go for something to hold you over. The game I am waiting to play on the X is definitely shadow of war.

dcbronco123d ago

Actually if they use dynamic resolution and you eventually get an X you will have the 4k version already.

TheColbertinator124d ago

Shooting Nazis never gets old especially in 4K