Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Trailer Leaked Is Not The Final Version Of Trailer

Call of Duty: WWII zombies mode was to be revealed at Comic Con next week but it got leaked. The Call of Duty: WWII Zombies mode is called Army of The Dead

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Community308d ago
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UCForce309d ago

Sledgehammer Game will add more to the trailer.

307d ago
Nesflix308d ago

Not enough black female Nazis in the first trailer. Back to the drawing board.

Crazyglues308d ago

It actually looks pretty good, I'm pumped to play it now... Nice Job SledgeHammer....

Crazyglues307d ago

LoL... to my haters... I just per-ordered... sorry but the game looks like it will be fun, sorry to mess up your master plan to get me to dislike it... LMAO..

So to all my disagrees...( at least you tried )...LoL

ChunkyHD307d ago

How is disagreeing with you equivalent to trying to get you to hate the game? You're a moron. Pre-order whatever game you like.

Crazyglues307d ago

LoL... I could explain it to you but something tells me you wouldn't get it..

ChunkyHD307d ago

I'm surprised they're going for the gory & atmospheric vibe when they refuse to put a single Swastika in it.

Crazyglues307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I thought that was actually a really good idea, the gore would make it a lot more realistic/ kinda like more walking dead then cartoony zombies imo.... And as far as the Nazi Swastika Stickers do you really care? They are still there in the campaign, just gone from the multi-player... which makes sense as Multi-player is about having fun not being historically accurate.

And why in the world would no Nazi Swastika stickers stop you from having fun playing the game?

pinkcrocodile75307d ago

I suppose some people may feel differently about it when they lost members of their own families to the Nazi Death Camps. When in Britain we say "Lest we forget" we want to remember the horror committed by the Nazi's and the Japanese during WWII so to remove the swastika from the uniforms be it campaign or multi player may, to some, feel wrong.

My great uncle Edward was tortured by the Japanese in WWII like many others and to this day we won't have Japanese electronic in his house. So we go the Samsung route. Keeps him happy.

Nesflix307d ago


But "regenerating health bro, gun attachments bro, COD was never historically accurate bro". That's how everyone else on this website feels about it.

You and I see eye to eye.

pinkcrocodile75307d ago

@Nesflix I know exactly how you feel. Younger people now, don't see the fuss and since they see it as ancient history the stupid comments come out.

I'd have no issue with the game studio if they said this is set in an alternate universe that looks a little like WWII but has not comparisons what so ever. Just like the missing first page of the bible that says "To my darling Candy, all characters in this book are fictitious and have no bearing people either living or dead"

Nesflix307d ago

They're prioritizing removing swastikas and included black female Nazis because, according to this website's visitors, it's what matters most.