8 open world games that are worth years of your time

Open world games truly are the flavour of life, aren’t they? They’re the type of games they don’t tie you down to linearity

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letsa_go279d ago

Awesome, I own all of them!

XanderZane279d ago

Only game I don't own is MGSV: The Phantom Pain & FF XV.
Yeah, he's missing The Witcher 3 and some of the GTA games as well.

letsa_go279d ago

The Phantom Pain got boring and tedious for me around the halfway point. I still haven't beaten it yet but I will eventually. Haven't played FF XV yet, still shrink wrapped. haha I briefly played the witcher 3, I will eventually rebuy it on pc. I love GTAV but again, I haven't beaten that one either. Mostly because I get so distracted creating multicar explosions and playing multiplayer with friends.

Money_Launderer279d ago

The Witcher 3 being left off this list knocks it down in regards to credibility. Especially with FFXV on it.

slayernz279d ago

personally i found witcher 3 boring after 20 hours or so, story was lacking - he was chasing after ciri worried about her but she was more powerful in fights than he was lol

Sunny_D279d ago

Uh, you don't even realize who was after her do you?

slayernz279d ago

to be honest i cant remember, exactly, some demon or something...... which says a lot about how interesting i thought the story line was! ...i played through to the end to get the platinum and then sold it

Razzer279d ago

You played through to get the Platinum? You have to do !ore than just finish the game for Platinum. A lot more.

slayernz279d ago

yep but finishing the game was the last trophy i needed

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

I mean, I agree with it being boring in regards to the main story, but the side quest and world itself and RPG elements will keep you invested for quite a long time.

I don't care for how they did the main story, it was awful, but the side quest if anything, the best in the industry. I'd argue the real meat of that game is really those side quest, going from town to town killing hunts and hearing the stories.

The main story is meh, I don't disagree, but the game as a whole is worth it. I didn't care for the main story in Fallout 3 or 4, yet the side quest had putting in well over 200 hours.

Sometimes the main story isn't the only thing about the game you need to really care about. I know I'll likely hate Fallout 5's main story or even Witcher 4, but those side quest are so good, its legit worth the purchase.

Consider the main story of that game is around 40 to 50 hours, you got like almost 100 hours of side quest that I'd argue is better then the main story, that sounds worth it to me.

Money_Launderer278d ago

I find it slightly hard to believe you played through to get the platinum while having no interest in the game. Collecting all the Gwent cards alone took a lot to get done correctly. Not saying I don't believe you...but I'm not sure I believe you.

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_-EDMIX-_279d ago


Not sure how someone can have a list of top open world games, doesn't list Witcher 3, didn't even list GTAV

Simmo3D279d ago

Zelda picture, but no Zelda on the list.

InKnight7s279d ago

GTAV, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, Saint Row IV, The Simpson Hit and Run, The witcher 3. Then whatever.

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