‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ good news for PS4 users, Xbox One patch v759 is now live

Studio Wildcard release today the much-awaited update for the Xbox One version of the 'Ark: Survival Evolved'

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Jayszen277d ago

Hardly good news - a patch for PS4 has not been released for some time and there is no date given as to when it will be released. It is as though the PS4 is an afterthought for these developers.

Codedan277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Maybe if Sony didn't deny them on their platform before they could of had more time to polish the game on PS4, instead Sony refused a popular game. They did it to themselves.

Kokyu277d ago

Ark is hardly popular and its in a god awful state on PC and xbone as well. Wildcard is more focused on making money than really finishing and fixing there game on any platform it seems.

FullmetalRoyale277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

That's irrelevant. This is about taking care of your fans and customers, which the guys behind Ark are not.

Codedan277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

hardly popular? Rofl, this game has been a huge success. It runs fine on x1, and pc, you just have to choose a server with good ping. You are clearly uninformed on the fixes of the game. How is ARK now behind the fans? They are keeping all the servers the way they are, and buying more unlike many companies. They push out huge updates and make major fixes. Ya'll just haters who can get past the beginning of the game cause you are bad at it.

KillBill276d ago

@Kokyu - if you call selling over 7million not very popular then I have to assume you really have high standards?

And its peak play time on Steam is still in the Top 10:

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Goldby277d ago

The Xbox patch that was released like 2 weeks ago, broke xboxes, thats why there hasn't been a ps4 update recently, because they make the patches for xbox and port to ps4. chances are if the xbox patch was broken the ps4 would be as well.

2 weeks till Ragnarok comes out meaning we are getting 2 patches in 2 weeks

KillBill276d ago

What are you even going on about? No such issue I have heard. Pretty sure it would have been big news if Ark "broke xboxes".

Major_Glitch277d ago

Agreed. Ark is a broken mess. I really regret spending money on buying this game. The concept behind the game is cool, but the shoddy execution of the game really disappoints.

vj27277d ago

I don't like the game either, never really got into it, it's just not my cup of tea. But we can't deny it's popularity, hell my coworkers keep trying to convince me to give it another chance.

JackBNimble276d ago

I think ark would be a great game if it wasn't in such a broken state. I love this game when it works , but far to often the lag and roll back are extreme.

PFFT277d ago

Two console Survival titles out there and both are shafting us.........SMH

DaDrunkenJester277d ago

Well exclusive deals are part of the industry now :/

Goldby277d ago

if hes talking about Conan or or Pubg i hope he realizes both are coming to PS4

DaDrunkenJester277d ago


Timed exclusives I guess...

slate91276d ago

They are only on xbox because of the early access program through Game Preview I believe.

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