Remembering Why Dark Souls Is Important (And Why We Need A Remaster)

Dark Souls’ success cannot be understated.

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Community308d ago
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Miss_Weeboo309d ago

I agree with the article not with the remaster thing, but on how influential DkS has been. I love a lot of games, I think they're fun, but with Dark Souls something unique happened, for the first time I felt I was playing a work of art, a perfect work of art.
It opened up my mind on the possibilities of game design, and gaming as an art form.
Each single thing in this world is there for a reason, is part of a bigger picture, of an story and it's there to make you experience the game better... And the details... When you're crossing the bridge to the flooded ruins of New Londo, there's a sound, a bell, like an alarm, it's disconcerting... Scary. Is saying you're being watched and this is a dangerous area. It's the only time in the whole game you have that sound effect... And I could talk hours and hours of little things like this. Is just mind blowing the love and care FromSoft put on this one.

thorstein308d ago

I totally get what you are saying. I felt that when I played Demon's Souls of which Dark Souls was the spiritual successor.

It is also why I love Bloodborne so much.

joab777307d ago

Well said. And I would only want a remaster if it were a true project. I believe I read that He didn't realize his full vision in DemS or DS, and only if he went back and used the technical upgrades to give us that full vision would I want it.

awdevoftw308d ago

Demons souls and dark souls would be great remasters.

nitus10308d ago

A remaster or better yet a reboot of Demon Souls and Dark Souls both at 60 fps 1080p resolution would be great. If it can be done for Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin then it could be done for the previous games.

I think why many of people did not like DS2 was the fact that the lock-on system was fine for one on one battles but when you had lots of enemies you really needed to turn it off and use the right-hand joystick. In fact, there are enemies that you cannot lock-on such as ghosts or spirits.

Somehow I doubt Demon Souls would be made multiplatform since like Bloodborne that game's IP is owned by Sony and it would not be in Sonys best interest to have that be made available for the XB1 and possibly the PC.

Mister_G308d ago

Yes please... Dark and Demons souls in one super remaster package would be amazing!!! :)

Summons75308d ago

Demon's Souls remaster, please. Still the hardest game in the series and the start of it all. Amazing game.

nitus10308d ago

I have played enough of Demons Souls that I can get many hours into the game without dying although when I did die (it's envitable) it was my own fault since a slight lapse of concertation and you are gone.

The one place I usually leave till last is the Valley Of Defilement where you have to brave the rickety platforms which even if you are a high level you can easily die in a fall, then comes the poison swamp (don't even bother healing the poison use regeneration - you did get the shield and ring?) and you can get a really good sword there but you do need faith to wield it.

Currently playing Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin and it is definitely different to the original Dark Souls. Surprisingly once you get over the fact that you should only lock-on for one on one battles and don't lock-on for two or more enemies (you cannot lock-on to spirits) and roll allot. Build yourself as a "tank" without taking into account your carrying capacity and small nimble enemies will take you out quickly.

jerethdagryphon308d ago

Dark souls and its side games need remasters to keep people playing