Bethesda’s Creation Club: Demand, Supply and Why The Sky Isn’t Falling

Believe it or not, free mods will likely co-exist with Creation Club content.

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tyasia07d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The only reason free mods still exist is because they existed before. This is a move toward fully controlled fully paid mods. Make no mistake about it. There are always people who defend nickel and dime and abuse of the system by these companies and as long as people accept it it always gets worse and more obtrusive.

The next Elder Scrolls and Fallout will not have the same free mods atmosphere, as soon as Creation Club was announced free mods died. It may be a slow death but it's dead.

JasonKCK6d ago

Creation Club is mostly for those creators who put a lot of hard work and time into the mods.

StuffAndThings6d ago

& they are in for a rude awakening if they think anyone will pay for them even Bethesda

StuffAndThings6d ago

Paid mods is simply gonna bring about the end of modding as we know it

tyasia06d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Creation Club is not for modders it's for Bethesda.

agent45326d ago

Not really. PC gamers fought back against paid mods. They will fight against the Creation Club. PC gamers are not easily seduce as console gamers.

Wyleray6d ago

They aren't, in any way, paid mods. They are hiring modders to create official content. Completely different. You don't own the output of modders.

StuffAndThings6d ago

Paid mods = the end of mods & this is what Bethesda wants

Shadyceaser6d ago

Sometimes these games company's get so large they forget what gave them there leg up...Gamers buying there games .... Greed seems to breed more greed.

ocelot076d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Am going to get a lot of disagrees here. But I welcome the creation club. If a modder creates something amazing and it does not break the game in anyway and bethesda give it a check over and gives it the green light. Then am fine throwing some money at the person who created the mod.

Am not a massive modder. I don't mod my games all that much to be honest. But I do appreciate free mods. If these modders want to create mods for free then that is fine they can do that. If they put time and effort into a mod and feel like they should make some money from it. Then why not?

tyasia06d ago

Nexus wanted to allow a (no profit for nexus) donation system but Bethesda stopped them. All this is, is a way for Bethesda to make a profit off something that was free. It's just nickel and dime scheme. And you wait and see, I guarantee you the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout games will come with cease and desist letter to the mod sites and free mods will be removed, the writing is on the wall.

ocelot076d ago

Thing is in my view if Bethesda simply just said right we are bringing out the creation club. If you want to make money from your mods put it on the creation club but we take a bit of the profit and that's all that happened. Then I can agree what would be a scummy move.

But from my understanding. Mod creator decides to sell his/her mod instead of giving it away for free. He/she submits it to creation club. Bethesda then checks the mod to make sure it won't break anything ingame. Code it so it does not disable trophies/achievements ect. Then am fine with that. As bethesda is doing some quality control for it and sure they want to be paid for it. But as long as the modder get's most of the money from the sale then I am fine with it.

JasonKCK6d ago

Absolutely. Some entitled gamers forget people put a lot of hours and sometimes years on these mods. Some use original voice work, music, textures, add new code to some of these mods. Bethesda and mod makers who want to get paid are bad guys but Steam doing it is fine. Entitled gamers with a free mentality on other peoples work.

tyasia06d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Wait, so mods have been free since the dawn of pc gaming yet users are the greedy ones not Bethesda who is the one actually changing things to make money...

JasonKCK6d ago

Mods haven't always been free. Many are turned into games. Funny how you also ignored the fact that Steam has been doing this for a while now.

Wyleray6d ago

Why would somebody dislike that, unless of course they were personally offended XD

tyasia05d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Mods for Bethesda games have always been free and the crap that they do on steam is BS too.

Just because Steam does it doesn't make it O.K.

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dcbronco6d ago

I could see this going in several directions. I could see it being used just to get people to hold onto their games and allow Bethesda to sell more. I can see it providing low cost horse armor and giving the developers the ability to move on to something new while still supporting the old games. But what I'd hope to see is this being a training ground for new developers. Whether beginners or vets it could allow people to publish content and build a portfolio. And it could bring in people who aren't the normal gamers. People from areas like fashion offering unique one of a kind horse armor.

If Bethesda provides tools simple enough tools or progressively more focused tools this could provide a lot of opportunities. And yeah, they'll highjack some ideas.

Dlacy13g6d ago

I hope we do see this system actually bring in quality modders and allow those who do put in good time and effort to reap the benefit and conversely those just looking to sell horse armor hopefully will not see any meaningful gain. Those who think this will kill mods are in for a shock. If the mods are good enough I think you will see them bought and recommended in the community. Certainly Bethesda will hijack a few ideas but hopefully with some success a few modders may get a chance at a career and possibly get picked up by a studio. I mean those making compelling mods that people want to purchase are going to be modders a developer will take note of.

dcbronco6d ago

I hope and believe it will help people start a career. It is an opportunity for Bethesda to also pick up new people. The structure definitely comes off as a long interview process. They approve an idea and give you a timeline but work with you. They get to see if you can make deadlines and by handling quality control they get to make sure you really know what you're doing.

And I don't think the whole horse armor thing is bad. Unique items for MMOs would be a good thing. Actually having individual coders act as an armory owner in Tamriel online would be great. You come in look at some things and ask for custom armor. They get to work on a mod. Or they make and auction pieces if they're really good. Brings a whole new element to the sneak skill set when you rob a house for that particular armor.

tyasia06d ago

There have been quality modders since modding began at the dawn of pc gaming. You insult the people who created the whole idea on modding in the first place.

Bethesda didn't create the idea of modding. Fans of games created mods for games and as time when on certain companies decided to embrace the idea.

Dlacy13g6d ago

@tyasia0 "You insult the people who created the whole idea on modding in the first place." Hardly... I would venture most modders have been creating free content that solely benefits gamers and the companies that made the game they modded for with the hope that their mod would serve as a portfolio to spark a career and propel them in the industry more often than not. The work they do is forced to be a labor of love because there isn't a good system in place to reward them for their efforts. Is this that system? I don't know to be honest...but if Bethesda handles this correctly and puts the modders first then modders get a chance to really win for once. Entitled gamers crying "but they have always been free and should be free" are rarely if ever the people actually doing the work to make the mods. I would love to see an article that interviews all the top modders and get their candid view on this topic. Guessing that would be pretty interesting.

tyasia05d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Dlacy your flat out wrong go read the nexus forums and see many modders who absolutely hate the idea, and yes I am one of them, so uh hey FU.

They/we wanted to be able to ask for donations on nexus and still offer things for free, but Bethesda said no because their ultimate goal was to sell paid mods and take the lion share of the profit.

And charging money doesn't improve anyone's chances of getting a job over anyone doing it for free. And I don't get the sense that "most" people where hoping for a career. Most people were just fans of the game and created something for themselves and the community in their spare time for fun.

dcbronco5d ago

Tyasia I'm curious as to why you guys don't get together and start your own studio if you are looking to make money from it. It would seem that if there is already somewhat of a community you just need to organize groups that can work together.

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