The 13 Forgotten Fighting Games from the 90s

Den of Geek takes a look back at the 13 forgotten fighting games that should make a comeback!

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I had a lot of fun with eternal Champions on the Genesis the graphics were amazing for the time

PhoenixUp4d ago

Darkstalkers is currently free on PS+ so it's not forgotten

BlackIceJoe4d ago

Well Eternal Champions might get a sequel, so it isn't completely forgotten.

Here is the link for the sequel.

Last_Boss4d ago

There was a suedo sequel on the Sega CD.

blackblades4d ago

Awesome hope it actually comes.

Kallisti3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Where's Waku Waku 7?
Edit: Maybe not so forgotten, it recently got ported to the Switch. Sweet.